"The Emerging Primacy of the App: The 'Appification' of TV and its Implications" at The TV of Tomorrow Show 2011

The Emerging Primacy of the App: The "Appification" of TV and its Implications

[itvt] is pleased to present a video of "The Emerging Primacy of the App: The 'Appification' of TV and its Implications The TV of Tomorrow Show 2011 (took place May 17th-18th in San Francisco). The panelists for the session were:

  • Dan Albritton, President and CTO, MegaPhone Labs
  • David McElhatten, SVP of Studio and Services, ActiveVideo Networks
  • Alan Queen, CTO, Movl (Winner of Samsung's "Free the TV Challenge" App-Development Contest)
  • Jasper Smith, CEO, PlayJam
  • Wes Williams, Director of Online Production, Scripps Networks (Moderator)
  • Rachelle Zoffer, Director of Content Strategy and Acquisition, Interactive TV, Verizon FiOS

The session was described in the TVOT 2011 brochure as follows:

"This session--helmed by [itvt] blogger, Wes Williams--will explore the 'appification' of television--i.e. how apps are not only becoming an increasingly important part of the television business and viewing experience (thanks to such phenomena as the emergence of the app store model on connected-TV and pay-TV; the availability of connected-TV and hybrid-TV platforms that allow rich interactive TV content and services to be easily sourced from the Internet cloud; and the increasing use of second-screen devices in conjunction with TV viewing), but have the potential to become a new form of TV/entertainment content in their own right that exists across and between platforms. Panelists will address such issues as: The ways in which the various TV stakeholders--including broadcasters/programmers, operators and CE manufacturers--are incorporating apps into their business strategies, and how successful they have been to date; which kinds of apps are proving most popular with viewers and why; whether viewers will come to consider second-screen broadcast-companion apps to be an integral part of programming and, if so, what new business and production models will emerge to take this into account, and who will control a program's 'voice' across platforms--the show producer, the network or the app creator?; the extent to which the popularity of companion apps will result in the 'gamification' of television; the implications for the television and mobile industries of such phenomena as the portability of apps across platforms and the emergence of apps that provide a hybrid TV/mobile user experience; and whether apps that enhance movies and TV programming in a multifaceted interactive experience could eventually outgrow their ancillary status to become a genre of entertainment in their own right."

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