"Designing for Television's Multiplatform Future" at The TV of Tomorrow Show 2011

Designing for Television's Multiplatform Future

[itvt] is pleased to present a video of "Designing for Television's Multiplatform Future," a panel session at The TV of Tomorrow Show 2011 (took place May 17th-18th in San Francisco). The panelists for the session were:

  • Brian David Johnson, Futurist, Intel (Moderator)
  • Gavin Kelly, Principal, Artefact
  • Rebecca Rusk Lim, then-Senior Director of Advanced Entertainment, Starz Entertainment
  • Gregory Lindley, Chief Experience Officer, Peel
  • Dewey Reid, Chief Creative Officer, eat.tv
  • Margret Schmidt, VP of User Experience Design, TiVo

The session was described in the TVOT 2011 brochure as follows:

"As television becomes a cross-platform experience--not only in the sense that programming is now being delivered to an array of different platforms, but in the sense that second-screen devices and companion apps are increasingly becoming a significant component of the viewing experience--television designers are faced with the quandary of how to develop a consistent, user-friendly experience across multiple platforms, while simultaneously taking advantage of the unique capabilities of each of those platforms to add to the viewing experience. They must also, arguably, become futurists--i.e. address the question of how to envision a multiscreen TV experience that is not just a mere aggregate of today's single-screen experiences, but a new, unified experience in its own right that aspires to be the TV of tomorrow. This session, moderated by futurist and occasional [itvt] columnist Brian David Johnson, will feature a group of high-profile television design experts, who will provide practical insights into how they are designing for multiplatform TV, and also discuss the extent to which the design of today's television experiences should be shaped by a conception of TV's future."

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