"Content-Aware Televisions and the Emergence of Hybrid ITV" at The TV of Tomorrow Show 2011

INdustry: Content‐Aware Televisions and the Emergence of Hybrid ITV

[itvt] is pleased to present a video of "Content-Aware Televisions and the Emergence of Hybrid ITV," a panel session at The TV of Tomorrow Show 2011 (took place May 17th-18th in San Francisco). The panelists for the session were:

  • Sam Chang, General Manager of Smart-TV Planning, Strategy and Key Partner Management, LG Electronics
  • Michael Collette, Managing Director, MediaTech Strategies (Moderator)
  • Dan Eakins, CEO, Zeitera
  • Chris Falkner, VP of Advanced Advertising Technology and Operations, NBC Universal
  • Marcelino Ford-Livene, General Manager of Interactive Content and Advanced Advertising Development, Intel Digital Home Group
  • Zane Vella, CEO, RCDb

The session was described in the TVOT 2011 brochure as follows:

"The next generation of smart TV's appears set to become content-aware: as a result of the incorporation of automatic content recognition (ACR) technology into TV processors, smart TV's will be able to detect what the viewer is watching, and enable broadband interactive applications and media to run on top of, in concert with, or in place of live TV. This session--moderated by Michael Collette, author of [itvt]'s INdustry column--will explore the possible implications of content-aware smart TV for the advertising, broadcast/network, CE and pay-TV industries--with a particular focus on the monetization of television: can the incorporation of ACR technology into television sets--and the improved engagement, targeting and messaging that this may enable--help television claw back the estimated $20 billion in annual ad spend which over the past decade or so has shifted to new media?"

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