Interactive TV News Round-Up (I): ANT, eyeSight, Huan TV, Harmonic

--ANT Launches Second-Screen Solution, ANT Galio Move
--eyeSight Partners with China's Huan TV to Enable Gesture-Controlled Interactive TV on Connected TV's
--Harmonic Launches ProMedia Solutions for Optimizing Multiscreen Video Production and Processing

Because the [itvt] editorial team is catching up with a backlog of news--and has also been working on TVOT NYC Intensive 2011--we are covering stories in this issue in round-up/summary format.

  • UK-based digital TV software company, ANT, has launched a second-screen solution called ANT Galio Move, which it plans to demo at IBC 2011. "ANT Galio Move enables TV viewers to make the most of their traditional viewing experience, through simultaneous use of 'second-screen' TV features on a companion device such as the iPad," the company explains in its press materials. "ANT Galio Move allows users to take the TV experience beyond the living room by streaming live and recorded content directly from the STB or TV via WiFi to their companion device anywhere in the home. ANT Galio Move supports the development of new business opportunities for STB and TV vendors with the prospect of application sales and advertising revenues. For broadcasters and operators it enables the delivery of additional valuable content direct to the companion device, signaled from a live broadcast stream. By streaming live and recorded programs directly from the TV device to the companion device, ANT Galio Move opens up a range of new viewing scenarios. Users can use the tablet to watch the same live program as the main TV in a different room, watch a separate live program using the second TV device tuner or view recorded content stored on the STB or TV hard drive. ANT Galio Move immediately identifies what is being viewed on the main TV screen and presents a program synopsis while listing what is currently showing on the other channels. Navigating the EPG, managing recordings and changing channel all become natural, rapid and intuitive through this touchscreen user experience." Said ANT CEO, Simon Woodward: "The TV industry continues to evolve as consumers now welcome connected-TV services into their homes. The popularity of companion devices such as tablet devices and smartphones just adds to a massive opportunity. ANT Galio Move fundamentally changes the TV experience by delivering TV functionality direct to the companion device without disrupting the main TV."
  • Israeli gestural control company, eyeSight Mobile Technologies, has formed a partnership with Huan TV, a Chinese provider of content for connected TV's, that will see the companies offering gesture recognition-controlled interactive content to Huan TV's subscribers. "Huan TV will provide customers with special content for the connected TV's which are integrated with eyeSight's Hand Gesture Recognition technology enabling the operation of these apps with intuitive hand gestures," the companies state in their press materials. "The collaboration will allow Huan TV, a major content provider to connected TV's in the Chinese market, to offer a wide variety of gesture-controlled applications and games. Consumers who purchase smart TV's in which eyeSight's technology is integrated will enjoy a much wider selection of games and applications, in addition to the gesture-controlled functions initially provided by these TV's. This move is aligned with eyeSight’s overall strategy of entering the fast-growing Chinese Internet-connected TV market. The partnership with Huan will provide eyeSight with a strong foothold in the Chinese market...eyeSight's software-based technology meets the growing market demand of new and enhanced user interaction with devices. eyeSight's solution offers touchless control for camera-enabled devices such as tablets, mobile phones, PC's, TV's, set-top boxes and various other camera-enabled devices." Said eyeSight CEO, Gideon Shmuel: "The cooperation with Huan TV is extremely exciting as it will allow us to integrate our technology into applications and games which will provide a whole new user experience to users of eyeSight-enabled connected TV's. By partnering with TV manufacturers and collaborating with Huan TV, we will be able to offer much richer content and a new interactive user experience."
  • Harmonic, Inc. earlier this month launched its ProMedia offering, a line of software solutions that are designed to optimize live and file-based multiscreen video production and processing for content and service providers. "The ProMedia family performs a broad range of functions, including transcoding, packaging, and origination to enable high-quality video creation and delivery of live streaming, live-to-VOD, and VOD services to TV's, PC's, tablets, smartphones, and other IP-connected devices," the company states in its press materials. "ProMedia is also an ideal solution for content creation in file-based workflows such as tapeless production environments. A unique suite of software products that can be deployed individually or as an end-to-end video processing solution, the ProMedia family offers the flexibility and performance required for today's multiscreen video services. The ProMedia family is also integrated with leading digital rights management systems, asset management systems, and content distribution networks, in addition to other Harmonic products including encoders, receivers, playout servers, and storage...The ProMedia family includes four software products: 1) ProMedia Live is a real-time video processing and transcoding system with enhanced H.264 video codec technology developed by Harmonic and optimized for creating high-quality Internet video streams. 2) Powered by Rhozet technology, ProMedia Carbon (formerly Carbon Coder) is a file-based transcoder that supports the largest array of acquisition, editing, broadcast, Web, and mobile formats in the industry. The system scales from a single instance to a large automated multinode transcoding farm. 3) ProMedia Package is a carrier-grade adaptive streaming preparation system for secure, high-value Internet video services. ProMedia Package supports numerous HTTP streaming protocol standards and is capable of packaging in multiple output formats from a single video source, enabling a more scalable, distributed architecture. 4) ProMedia Origin is an HTTP and RTMP streaming video server ideal for originating a broad range of multiscreen services in a scalable, easy-to-manage, carrier-class platform. Leveraging industry-standard protocols from Adobe, Apple, and Microsoft to maximize device interoperability, ProMedia Origin enables services such as live streaming, VOD, catch-up TV, start-over TV, and network DVR to connected devices."
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