Interactive TV News Round-Up (VI): TiVo, AT&T, Two Way Media, Trendrr, wireWAX, Tommy Hilfiger

--TiVo-AT&T Patent Trial Delayed until January
--Two Way Media Secures Investment
--Wiredset's Trendrr Launches Real-Time Social-Media Measurement Tools for TV Networks
--wireWAX Powers Commerce-Enabled Interactive Video for Tommy Hilfiger's Fall-Winter Collection

Because the [itvt] editorial team has been working on TVOT NYC Intensive 2011, we are covering stories in this issue in round-up/summary format.

  • The jury trial in the patent-infringement lawsuit that TiVo has brought against AT&T and its U-verse TV platform has been postponed until January. FierceCable's Steve Donohue has more.
  • Australian interactive TV company, Two Way Media, has announced that Malaysian entrepreneur, Gerald Tan, and his associates have agreed to invest up to AUS$2.04 million of expansion capital in the company. "The proposed investment will provide capital to exploit opportunities presented by Two Way's world-class TV wagering service and other advanced interactive media applications," the company states in its press materials. "Mr Tan is a successful entrepreneur and investor with extensive experience in interactive television, mobile and new media businesses throughout Asia. His connections are also expected to facilitate plans for proposed expansion by Two Way into Asia. In the immediate term, the investment by Mr Tan will enable Two Way to commit funds to a comprehensive marketing campaign for its TV wagering service, known as TAB Active, for the upcoming Spring Racing Carnival calendar. In the past, Two Way has seen substantial growth in turnover through its TAB Active service when marketing funds have been invested to promote it. The service is now available in all five mainland states, and is linked to the betting engines of the three largest TAB operators (Tabcorp, TattsBet and Racing and Wagering WA). The Spring Racing Carnival presents an excellent opportunity to drive up immediate usage and revenue on a national basis."
  • Wiredset has launched the enterprise version of Trendrr.TV, which it bills as "the first TV-specific research and marketing solution for optimizing, understanding and mapping to revenue the social media components around television viewing. The launch of the enterprise version marks a significant milestone in both capabilities and networks for agencies and brands using the service," the company's press materials continue. "Trendrr.TV is currently used by over 50 percent of the top-25 cable networks and many major broadcast networks, across research, marketing and advertising teams. This research and marketing-specific offering provides an insight layer around two-screen convergence and allows TV networks to take advantage of real-time data to increase audience viewership and engagement. The premium version of Trendrr.TV allows television networks, media planners, advertising agencies and other users access to running daily, weekly and real-time charts tracking show and network activity. Unlike other social media measurement services, where the burden is on the user to input and manage data, Trendrr.TV takes care of all the heavy data lifting. Trendrr.TV’s competitive intelligence allows users to sort and rank shows by day-part, genre and gender, as well as drill down into network and show-specific views. Drill downs visualize the value of show-specific conversation and the value of the network off the network. Deeper dive insights allow users to analyze social tune-in, understand brand lift, identify net promoters, determine the most prolific DMA's, and curate engaging user experiences. The data sources currently tracked include Twitter, Facebook, Miso, and GetGlue, with additional sources to be included in the near future. Trendrr.TV makes real-time data actionable by enabling users to view the anticipation around upcoming pilots and highlight the level of engagement and voice share on social networks. All data points align with the existing Nielsen week, so networks can gain better insights to marketing programs, plot resonance and advertising revenues...Trendrr.TV paves the way for advertisers to enhance brand lift by measuring brand performance before, during and after a show. Real-time information on the most influential promoters, key demographics and sentiment gives advertisers a firmer grasp of brand impressions on and off the network. As the 2011-2012 season gets underway, understanding social-TV insights as they relate to audience feedback loops, #hashtag use and net promoters will be crucial for growing legacy revenue and informing decisions in the production process."
  • wireWAX, a UK company that allows users to add motion-tracking, clickable hotspots to their videos, contacted [itvt] Monday to let us know that it has produced another interactive video for fashion brand, Tommy Hilfiger (note: for more on the company's previous work with the latter, see the article published on, September 9th). "The new 'Into the Wild' video showcases the signature looks in Tommy Hilfiger's autumn-winter collection and allows users to click on the models and shop their favorite looks directly through the video," wireWAX explains in its press materials. "The prestigious label was the first to use a new location and language intelligence feature in wireWAX's motion-tracking taggable video tool when it launched its first in a series of three videos earlier this year. The new tool gives consumers the option to click on any product within the video and view dynamically generated, live, up-to-the-minute product information, in their own language. This revolutionary new feature also eradicates any maintenance and data-entry overheads for the brand as the videos are connected to live international product databases which are constantly updated in real time. Since going live at the start of May, Tommy Hilfiger's spring-summer video has achieved a substantial number of views, with a quarter of these coming through Facebook alone; a high click-through rate to the brand's online store of 9.5%; and perhaps most significantly, an average user engagement of over 1 minute despite the video only lasting for 45 secs." Said wireWAX CEO, Steve Callanan: "We're delighted with the success of our initial video with Tommy Hilfiger and are really excited to be able to offer this new feature to all our creative partners. It makes ecommerce videos so simple to roll out and what's more, videos two days or two years old will still be serving the most relevant, most up-to-date product information. The initial stats prove the success of taggable and shoppable video within the context of Web-based fashion retailing."
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