Interactive TV News Round-Up (VI): TidalTV, Roku, Time Warner Cable, HBO

--TidalTV Working with Roku to Offer OTT Video Advertising
--Time Warner Cable Updates its iPad Streaming App
--Report: Time Warner Cable Set to Offer HBO's "TV Everywhere" Service
--Report: Time Warner Cable Looking to Let Subscribers Access Social Networks through the TV

Because the [itvt] editorial team has been working on TVOT NYC Intensive 2011, we are covering stories in this issue in round-up/summary format.

  • Online video advertising network provider, TidalTV, has announced that it is working with Roku to offer OTT video advertising. "This new video platform expands TidalTV's advanced targeting and optimization offering, which previously included online and mobile capabilities," the company states in its press materials. "The video advertising runs as pre-roll to content offered by Roku's participating content partners. By offering advertisers a multichannel solution that includes online and mobile video inventory in addition to inventory currently available through Roku, TidalTV allows advertisers to leverage the growing OTT video market while ensuring that campaigns provide sufficient scale against their target audience." Said TidalTV chief product and media officer, Brad Herman: "In a fragmented, multiscreen world, you must follow the consumer wherever and whenever video is being consumed. With the addition of OTT solutions to our arsenal, TidalTV's holistic, platform-agnostic capabilities will allow advertisers to do just that. Though the video marketplace has become increasingly complex, advertisers' ultimate goals remain unchanged--to reach their brand's targeted consumers and achieve a given outcome. We are best able to deliver these desired outcomes when we break down the screen-specific silos and think in terms of optimizing reach and performance seamlessly across the entire video campaign."
  • In a posting on its corporate blog, Thursday, Time Warner Cable announced an update to its TWCable TV live-streaming app for the iPad. The company describes the key features of the update as follows: "1) Basic search function: With this update, you can search for programs by title or episode name within the iPad app. You do this by using the search bar located on the top right of the screen. To activate the keyboard, you'll need to tap the search bar. Once the search results display, you'll also have the ability to filter your results based on matching genres like News, Cooking, Travel, Sports, etc. We are working on advanced search (keyword, cast, crew) which should roll out sometime around the end of Q4/beginning of Q1. 2) You can now view closed captioned content: To do this, look within the Settings menu of the TWCable TV iPad app and turn the closed captioning switch on. Some programs do not have closed captioning available. Those programs will not display captioning even when the closed captioning is turned on. Look for the closed captioning icon within the program description to determine if captioning is available on any given program. 3) You can now block specific live TV channels from viewing on the app: Once a channel is blocked it will no longer be displayed in the live TV mini-guide. Please note that you will need to visit MyServices to activate parental controls, and you must exit and re-enter the app for the changes to take effect." The update also fixes various bugs, and provides "some minor design tweaks," Time Warner Cable says.
  • Time Warner Cable is close to offering HBO's HBO Go "TV Everywhere" service, according to a report by Bloomberg that cites "two people familiar with the negotiations." A deal is expected to be announced in the next few weeks, and would enable Time Warner Cable customers who are HBO subscribers to access the service on smartphones, the iPad and PC's.
  • Time Warner Cable may be developing a service, called "Social One," that will allow viewers to access Facebook, Twitter and other social networks through the TV, Steve Donohue reports in FierceCable. "The nation's second largest cable MSO wants to be able to use the brand to offer subscribers a 'single interface' for accessing social media accounts through the TV and the Web, according an application Time Warner Cable filed at the US Patent and Trademark Office," Donohue writes.
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