New Edition of Michael Collette's INdustry Column Profiles Interactive TV Advertising Agency, BrightLine

--BrightLine Has Conducted Over 280 Interactive Ad Campaigns

[itvt] is pleased to present the latest edition of INdustry, our new column by interactive TV industry veteran, Michael Collette, managing director of MediaTech Strategies.

This edition of the column sees Collette profiling interactive/advanced TV advertising agency, BrightLine: "The key to BrightLine's success is their ability to intelligently map the capabilities of each system to the advertiser's objective," Collette writes. "They've managed to wiggle their way into a position where they have an opportunity to review the strategy brief for a given campaign. They then run this through a system they've built where they input the strategy and the audience target, and the system kicks out a list of tactics for each platform. Importantly, they're not bound to technology...With over 280 campaigns under their belt, and a growing list of customers, they know what is doable, what it will cost, what the range of responses is likely to be, and, all importantly, how it will be measured."


Michael is the president and CEO of MediaTech Strategies, a consulting company that helps investors and operating companies develop and capitalize on emerging media technologies.   He has over 18 years' experience in the media technology business, including previous CEO roles at Ucentric Systems, where he pioneered the multiroom DVR category and PhyFlex Networks, where he developed a new access network solution for cable.  Michael previously held senior executive positions with OpenTV, ICTV (now ActiveVideo Networks), Motorola and Playboy TV.  Through his consulting practice, he has provided services to more than 50 companies of all types, stages and size.

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