AT&T Launches Four Social TV Apps for U-verse TV Subs

Miso is now AT&T U-verse Enabled

--IPTV provider rolls Miso, BuddyTV Guide, TV Foundry, WayIn

AT&T is turning to social TV to diffentiate itself form pay rivals, launching social TV apps Miso, BuddyTV Guide, TV Foundry and WayIn for users with mobile phones and tablets. 

The AT&T deal marks the second big deployment in less than six weeks for Miso, which announced an agreement last month with DirecTV which allows the satellite provider's subscribers to access companion programming during Dexter and other original programs. AT&T's move provides exposure for social TV startups BuddyTV Guide, which lets users create customizable guides, and WayIn, which allows users to share opinions on shows with other members, and uses automatic content recognition (ACR) technology to that changes its content offering as subscribers change channels. 

Renton, Wash.-based software firm Splat Interactive created the TV Foundry app for AT&T, which allows subscribers to search for shows, trailers, interviews, songs and companion content, and share program recommendations with friends through Facebook and Twitter.

U-verse subscribers that download Miso app will also be able to use their mobile phones or tablets as a remote control. Subscribers can pair their mobile device to any U-verse set-top, and search for content, change channels and set DVR recordings. 

“Customers want their TV viewing experience to be social, without distracting from the TV show on their TV screen, and they want their choice of apps from their smartphone or tablet to work seamlessly with their TV and enhance their favorite TV shows,” AT&T VP of video services Jeff Weber said in Monday's announcement. "These apps allow you to interact and share details about the shows you’re watching in simple and engaging ways. And you can do that on the devices that are in your hands or right next to you on the couch.” More


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