Launches Social TV Spotlight

-- ION Television Plugs 'Flashpoint' Series through Sponsored Section is boosting ad revenue by allowing TV networks such as ION Television to promote series through a Social Spotlight section it added to its homepage Tuesday. 

The Social Spotlight section debuts with sneak previews for new episodes of ION's Flashpoint series. ION may be able to use its sponsorship of the Spotlight to boost ratings through viewers that share the previews with Facebook friends, since the Spotlight features a Facebook "like" button. already contains a significant amount of social TV content. Its home page features a "Social Power Rankings" section, which tracks social activity on, including episode check-ins, Facebook and Twitter posts, and activity on fan pages dedicated to TV series. AMC's The Walking Dead is currently ranked as the top of its "Social Power Rankings," followed by CBS's Hawaii Five-O, FX's Sons of Anarchy and The X Factor on Fox. ION is gaining wider exposure for its Flashpoint series by sponsoring the Social Spotlight section, which is featured more prominently on than its Social Power Rankings section. 

TV Guide said ION marks the 50th "social sponsored integration" it has run on since it launched a social TV check-in feature in October 2010. 

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