Time Warner's Full Service Network to be Honored at Primetime Emmy Engineering Awards

-- Honorees include Comcast, Apple, Yahoo, IBM, Fox

Time Warner Cable's work on its fabled Full Service Network in Florida will be recognized at the 63rd Primetime Emmy Engineering Awards, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences said Wednesday. 

Time Warner Cable and former corporate sibling Time Warner will receive the Philo T. Farnsworth Award at the Oct. 26 ceremony for their work on FSN, a video-on-demand and interactive TV trial conducted with 4,000 homes in Orlando, Fla., during the mid-1990s. "It was the first service network to offer traditional cable, interactive television, telephone services, and high-speed PC access by integrating them over a fiber-optic and coaxial cable network, which has now become an industry standard," the Academy said in Wednesday's announcement. 

The Academy said that Andy Setos, president of engineering for The Fox Group, will be honored with a lifetime achievement award for his work in advanced broadcast and video delivery, including efforts involving standards work, rights management, optical media, and digital workflow and asset management.

Award recipients also include: 

  • Apple, for its engineering and product development achievement for the iPad. "The iPad is a tablet computer developed and marketed primarily as a platform for audio-visual media and is revolutionizing the television experience for consumers. With over 33 million iPads sold worldwide, it has easily become one of the fastest selling consumer electronic devices in history," the Academy said in its announcement. 
  • Yahoo, for its Yahoo! Connected TV product, which features more than 180 apps. "In 2009 Yahoo! shifted the television viewing paradigm, enabling the internet experience on TV to become a reality," the Academy said. 
  •  IBM Corp. and Fox Networks Group will win an engineering Emmy for media workflow transformation and pioneering the development and application of LTFS (Linear Tape File System) in a broadcast environment.
  • Panavision and Sony will be honored for technical collaboration and significant advances in single chip digital camera technology used for primetime television production. The Academy noted that the Panavision Genesis was the first digital motion picture camera to commercially introduce in 2005 a single-chip (CCD) sensor the size of a Super 35mm motion picture frame.
  • Comcast will win an engineering certificate for its development of the Xfinity TV iPad app, and Time Warner Cable will pick up an engineering certificate for its development of its iPad app. 


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