Zap2It Tracks Social TV Buzz with SocialGuide

-- Modules Display Shows Generating Discussion on Facebook and Twitter

TV listings site Zap2it is beginning to rank the most popular TV programs viewers are chatting about on Twitter and Facebook

Zap2It, which is owned by Tribune Media Services, struck a deal with SocialGuide that allows it to add modules to its site that display the most popular TV series, reality shows, news programs and live sports that are generating comments from users on Facebook and Twitter. The three most popular programs displayed Tuesday afternoon on its "Most Social TV Now" module were soccer matches on Gol TV and Fox Soccer Channel, followed by an episode of Law & Order: SVU on USA Network and SpongeBob SquarePants on Nickelodeon

SocialGuide is also supplying Zap2It with listings of the top 10 weekly broadcast and cable TV programs in terms of social TV ratings. For the week of Oct. 24, Oxygen's The Bad Girls Club is ranked as the top social TV program. It is followed by ABC's Dancing With the Stars, VH1's Basketball Wives LA, Nick's SpongeBob SquarePants, USA Network's WWE Monday Night Raw, Fox's Family Guy and MTV's Jersey Shore

Adding social TV rankings to its site could help Zap2It compete with, which also tracks social TV buzz through its "social power rankings."

With most viewers able to choose from thousands of TV shows and movies available on hundreds of digital cable and satellite channels, browsing social TV rankings like those available on Zap2It and could help viewers quickly find something to watch. 

The biggest challenge for TV Guide, Zap2It and other companies looking to make a business out of tracking social TV buzz is finding a way to integrate social TV rankings with interactive programs guides distributed by cable and satellite providers. While Verizon offers its FiOS TV subscribers a "What's Hot"  feature on its IPG which displays a grid showing the most popular programs being viewed in local markets based on data collected from set-tops, no pay TV provider is offering its customers the ability to track the most popular programs that are generating discussion on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. 

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