DirecTV, Bloomberg Stream Live Video through iPad Apps

-- DirecTV Subscribers Must be Within WiFi Range of Set-top; Bloomberg Offers Video Everywhere

DirecTV and Bloomberg Television launched upgrades to their free apps for Apple's iPad which allow users to watch live video on the mobile devices. 

While Bloomberg's app lets any iPad owner watch the live feed from its cable channel – even if they don't subscribe to a cable or satellite programming package that includes Bloomberg – DirecTV's app can only be used by iPad owners that authenticate that they are a DirecTV customer. Bloomberg lets iPad users watch video anywhere in the world with an Internet connection with its app, but DirecTV subscribers can watch live video on the iPad only if they are within range of a WiFi router connected to a DirecTV set-top. 

DirecTV offers access to about 40 networks through its iPad app, including Discovery Channel, CNN, USA Network, HGTV and National Geographic Channel. Viacom and Walt Disney Co. have complained previously about a similar app from Cablevision that distributed live video to the iPad to subscribers in their homes. No networks owned by Disney or Viacom, such as ESPN, Disney Channel, MTV and Comedy Central, are available through DirecTV's app. 

Bloomberg features pre-roll ads and display advertising on its app, which also allows users to track individual stocks, create stock charts and read financial news stories. 

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