Shazam, Delivery Agent Enable Tcommerce in NBCU TV Series

-- Viewers of USA's 'Covert Affairs'  can Buy Merchandise through Mobile Devices

Shazam struck a unique deal with Delivery Agent which will allow viewers of USA Network series Covert Affairs to easily buy merchandise related to the program through Apple iOS and Android mobile devices. 

The agreement announced Tuesday appears to be just the beginning of an effort by Delivery Agent, and Comcast's NBCUniversal to add tcommerce capabilities to TV series by relying on Shazam's automatic content recognition (ACR) technology. Following the launch with Covert Affairs, Delivery Agent and Shazam said they will add similar enhancements to other NBCUniversal properties. 

Viewers that have downloaded the Shazam app to their mobile devices can automatically identify what program they are watching. In addition to identifying the program, viewers watching shows enhanced by Delivery Agent and Shazam will be able to buy products related to the programs. 

"While the show is airing, consumers who Shazam the series will be served contextually relevant products to their mobile device. After a product is identified, consumers will be able to easily purchase the product via Delivery Agent’s mobile storefronts and securely checkout using Delivery Agent’s TV Wallet, the transaction engine used by media companies to process interactive transactions across the web, mobile and ITV," Shazam and Delivery Agent said in Tuesday's announcement. 

The deal combines Delivery Agent’s catalog of entertainment meta-data with the Shazam for TV app.  Delivery Agent said the company and its programming partners will "use In Program Mentions (IPMs) inventory to trigger the Shazam calls-to-action directly from the television screen."

Delivery Agent's commerce platform is gaining momentum. Last week, the company said that it raised $35.5 million in funding from Intel Capital, Liberty Global Ventures, Grazia Equity and other investors in its fifth round of funding. 

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