Connected TV Marketing Association Formed

-- Ogilvy Entertainment President Doug Scott Named U.S. Chair

Booming sales of connected TVs capable of delivering both video programming and advertising to viewers has led to the formation of a new industry group comprised of advertising, technology, media and entertainment executives. The Connected TV Marketing Association (CTVMA) plans to announce its U.S. launch on Wednesday, following the launch of its Asia-Pacific division last week. 

CTVMA said its first task is to develop an open industry consultation process, and it invited leaders from advertising, media and entertainment sectors to help it formulate industry terms of reference for the connected TV sector. 

"Connected TV platforms supersede broadcasters in owning program content and selling advertising against it. Marketers are also frustrated by the lack of audience information on who they are targeting and ad networks face issues of interoperability, scale and standards across platforms," said CTVA North America president Zachary Weiner. Weiner is also CEO of digital consultancy and marketing firm CTV Advertising

Ogilvy Entertainment president Doug Scott has been named U.S. Chair of the CTVMA. James Grant Hay, the CEO of connected TV consultancy InShot, was named president of CTVMA Asia-Pacific. 

"The CTVMA is being launched today to address these issues currently being faced by not only advertisers, broadcasters and rights holders alike, but by the TV set makers themselves. As TV platforms are likely to compete with broadcasters to buy program content from rights holders and serve advertising against it," Hay said the CTVMA announcement. 

CTVMA said its general membership will include companies that are actively involved in the sale of connected TV advertising. It will offer associate membership to ad agencies, measurement companies, research firms, technology suppliers and other organizations from related industries. 

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