Ensequence Adds Audio Detection Capabilities to iTV Manager Platform

-- iTV Provider Demonstrates ACR Integration at TVOT NYC Intensive

Ensequence said that it has added audio detection capabilities to its iTV Manager interactive platform which it says will allow programmers and advertisers to provide a more immersive viewing experience to viewers using smartphones and tablet computers. 

The company made its announcement at the TVOT NYC Intensive on Monday, where it is demonstrating interactive TV enhancements that take advantage of Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology. Its workshop on "Devising a Truly Multi-platform Strategy" begins at 11:05 a.m. 

Ensequence has integrated its iTV Manager platform with ACR providers Zeitera and Civolution. Several cable programmers use iTV Manager to add interactive enhancements, including ESPN, CNN, HBO, MTV, Spike TV, Showtime, QVC and HSN. Adding ACR capabilities to iTV Manager could allow Ensequence clients to deliver interactive programming and advertising to viewers on mobile phones and tablets. 

“We know that consumers aren’t always engaged with content that is directly related to shows and commercials when they are on their tablets and smartphones while they watch TV – they are on email, surfing for unrelated content and on social networking sites,” Ensequence CO Peter Low said in Monday's announcement. “With the latest update to our interactive platform, we’re delivering deeply engaging show and advertising-related content to consumers’ tablets and smartphones that is synched up with what consumers are watching on their TVs. This approach keeps them engaged with TV content, rather than being distracted by other content on their devices that takes them away from the TV experience.” 

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