Canoe: Most Popular RFI Ad Campaigns Have Achieved Interaction Rate of 1%

-- Study Finds RFI Ads Create Increased Brand Awareness Even if Viewer Doesn't Interact

While Canoe Ventures says the most popular interactive ad campaigns that have run in the last year on national cable networks have achieved interaction rates of nearly 1 percent, studies it commissioned found that RFI (request for information) ads drive increased brand awareness, even if viewers don't use remote controls to interact with ads. 

At the TVOT NYC Intensive Monday, Canoe released the results of a series of studies that measured brand awareness from groups of viewers that were exposed to commercials that contained RFI applications compared to viewers that were exposed to the same commercial without RFI applications.

Ads that contained interactive overlays drove a 26 percent increase in unaided ad awareness between the test and control groups and a 23 percent increase in unaided brand awareness, Canoe said. RFI ads also sparked a 28 percent increase in viewer purchase intent between the test and control groups. 

“These findings highlight the efficacy of RFI as a branding tool and provide incremental learning on the impact of advanced television advertising,” Canoe CEO Kathy Timko said in Monday's announcement. “With Canoe’s national ITV platform now reaching more than 25 million homes on select networks, and with national advertisers initiating campaigns, the viewer experience is changing.  As TV evolves, it’s critical for everyone who does business on television to participate and cultivate learning.  Canoe will continue to share insights to support this goal," Timko added. 

The RFI advertising product from Canoe is available on several national cable networks, including AMC, Bravo, Discovery Channel, E!, History Channel and Style. Canoe said USA Network will begin running RFI ads. 

Canoe also released a white paper Monday entitled, "Understanding the Brand Efficacy of RFI." Among the findings worth noting: 

  • Canoe said its highest performing campaigns have interaction rates of nearly 1 percent, which is similar to the interaction rates generated from Internet-based interactive advertising and direct marketing.
  • 19 percent more viewers in groups exposed to an RFI ad said they were likely to look for the advertised brand at the point of sale than viewers in control groups. 
  • 82 percent of consumers said they would like to be exposed to additional interactive television advertising. 
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