Audible Magic to Launch Live TV Synchronization Service

-- ACR Provider Gives Sneak Peak of New Technology at TVOT NYC Intensive

Audible Magic said it will introduce a live TV identification and synchronization service at the Consumer Electronics Show next month in Las Vegas which will be able to identify TV content even if it is live, reality-based material. The automatic content recognition technology provider is also giving attendees at The TV Of Tomorrow Show in New York Monday a sneak peak of the technology. Audible Magic has an exhibit at the TVOT NYC Intensive conference. 

The live TV service uses Audible Magic's digital fingerprint ACR technology. The company said it will let content owners, broadcasters, programmers and other application providers add content-aware intelligence to connected device applications on televisions, mobile devices and set-tops. The technology could allow content owners and programmers to create new forms of social engagement, advertising recognition and response, and audience measurement, Audible Magic said. 

"We're excited about the prospects of this new service and have been working with development partners to integrate our technology into their applications," Audible Magic VP of marketing Jay Friedman said in Monday's announcement. 

Audible Magic said it will release more details about the service at CES. The company will also provide demonstrations at booth No. 73507, which will be located in the CES Eureka Park Tech Zone in the Bellini Ballroom of the Venetian Hotel.

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