TV Guide Shops Rich Media Ads for iPhone, iPad and Android Apps

- A&E Touts Stephen King's 'Bag of Bones' on all TV Guide Digital Properties

TV Guide is beginning to pitch media buyers cross-platform ads that can run on, in addition to rich media ads that it will distribute through apps it has built for Apple's iPhone, iPad and mobile phones running Google's Android platform. 

Looking to drive viewers to the premiere last weekend of its Bag of Bones miniseries, A&E was the first sponsor to buy what TV Guide described as a "cross-platform morph overlay execution." A&E ran ads on all of TV Guide's digital properties, and it also transformed the TV Guide logo as part of an ad that took over its home page. 

Bag of Bones, which is based on a novel by Stephen King, generated 3.4 million viewers for A&E during its premiere on Sunday. The second part of the miniseries drew 3 million viewers on Monday. 

TV Guide says its mobile apps have generated more than 5.2 million downloads, and generate 1.5 million monthly active users. 

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