Interactive TV News Round-Up (II): Boxee, CNBC, Samsung, Roku, Google, Concurrent

--Boxee Announces Its Last Software Update for PC's
--CNBC Real-Time App Launches on Samsung, Roku and Google Connected-TV Platforms
--Concurrent Awarded Patent for Trick-Play Ad-Insertion Technology

Because the [itvt] editorial team has a backlog of news to cover following TVOT NYC Intensive 2011 and our post-event vacation, we are covering stories in this issue in round-up/summary format. We anticipate that it will take us several days to catch up with all the recent news: so if your company has sent us a press release or briefed us on an announcement, and you don't yet see your news covered in this issue, please bear with us.

  • OTT specialist, Boxee, last month announced version 1.5 of its software, which it says will be the last version it offers for PC's. "This 1.5 release will be the last version of Boxee for PC/Mac/Ubuntu," Boxee's head of marketing, Andrew Kippen, wrote on the company's blog. "We believe the future of TV will be driven by devices such as the Boxee Box, connected TV's/Blu-rays and second-screen devices such as tablets and phones. While there are still many users who have computers connected to their TV's, we believe this use case is likely to decline as users find better alternatives. People will continue to watch a lot of video on their computer, but it is more likely to be a laptop than a home-theater PC and probably through a browser rather than downloaded software. To our computer those who have come out to our NYC and SF meetups, talked with us at Engadget, GDGT, and Giz Gallery events, or enjoyed Austin BBQ with us during SXSW, or simply messaged with us on Facebook, Twitter, and our forums...thank you for all your support--we would not be where we are today without you. But we can't stay here." More information on the new software, which implements various improvements to the Boxee interface, is available here.


  • CNBC announced last month that its CNBC Real-Time App (see the article published on, December 10th, 2010) has launched on three more platforms: 2011/2012 Samsung Smart TV and Blu-ray players, Roku and Google TV 2.0. Said Scott Drake, SVP of CNBC Digital: "Having access to real-time data, news and analysis you need and want is a necessity in this endlessly complex market. We are big supporters of interactivity across TV and connected devices and are proud to be working with industry leaders like Samsung, Roku and Google to offer their customers the ability to personalize their business news content."
  • Concurrent announced last month that it has been awarded a US patent (#8,079,052) for an ad-insertion technology that it says allows ad segments to be presented in VOD, network DVR and time-shifted TV programming while trick-play (fast-forward and rewind) functions are being used. "This technology provides a way for operators to protect advertising revenue without restricting consumers' control of video content," the company states in its press materials. "For applications such as network DVR, trick-mode advertising is a valuable tool that can help ensure the linear ad programming is preserved even when consumers have interactive playback control over TV content. The technology within patent #8,079,052 enables ad segments to be inserted into trick files. Trick files are used to enable fast-forward and rewind features on VOD, time-shifted TV, and network DVR systems. Using Concurrent's unique methodology, specialized ad content or trick-mode-specific ad content can be inserted into the trick file. This ad content will be presented to consumers while they are controlling the playback of their interactive video content, such as when they are fast forwarding through a commercial break while watching time-shifted TV programming." Said Concurrent CTO, Bob Chism: "Concurrent continues to build our portfolio of patents related to network DVR and interactive video delivery. We believe network DVR services will be embraced by operators as a core multiscreen service offering, an area in which Concurrent is an innovative leader. Thanks to our R&D team's vision and diligence, our customers will have a new way to generate revenue through video advertising, and to address advertisers' desire to preserve ad viewership."
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