Interactive TV News Round-Up (V): PlayJam, GameHouse, RCDb, Zeitera, RVU Alliance

--PlayJam to Bring GameHouse Games to Connected-TV Platforms
--RCDb Integrates Zeitera's ACR Technology into its Watchwith Platform
--RVU Alliance Announces "Major Update" to the RVU Specification

Due to the large volume of news being generated by this week's 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), we are covering stories in this issue in round-up/summary format. We anticipate that it will take us several days to process all the news from the show: so if your company has sent us a press release or briefed us on an announcement, and you don't yet see your news covered in this issue, please bear with us. While the [itvt] editorial team catches up with CES news, please check out the live Twitter coverage of the show from [itvt] bloggers, Will Keller and Zachary Weiner, by following the @tswedlow Twitter feed.

  • Interactive TV games company, PlayJam, has announced a partnership with GameHouse that it says will see it bringing a number of the latter's casual games (including "Collapse!" and "Little Shop") to connected-TV platforms from Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Western Digital, Vestel and Google TV later this quarter.
  • Related Content Database (RCDb) said Tuesday that it has pre-integrated automatic content recognition (ACR) technology from Zeitera into its Watchwith Delivery Platform (note: RCDb bills the latter as "enhanc[ing] the film and television experience with rich, time-based metadata powered by [RCDb's flagship] Related Content Database). "By integrating ACR technology from Zeitera, RCDb extends its lead in providing content owners and application developers with a platform to create sync-to-broadcast and second-screen companion-app user experiences," the company states in its press materials. "With this capability pre-integrated into the Watchwith Delivery Platform, application developers can easily identify the specific context of what a user is watching, and then unlock a parallel universe of scene-by-scene and frame-by-frame content powered by the Related Content Database." Said Zeitera CEO, Dan Eakins: "RCDb's Watchwith Platform SDK's and reference applications instantly have developers up and running with our service. This integration expands the pool of Zeitera developers and also provides them complimentary time-based related content and Web services necessary to create valuable new consumer experiences around film and television programming. Major content owners use RCDb's Watchwith Delivery Platform to syndicate original program enhancements across a variety of screens so integration with RCDb means shorter time-to-market for Zeitera."
  • The RVU Alliance (note: the latter is an industry group that seeks to encourage adoption of a client/server-based technology--dubbed "RVU"--which is designed to allow TV viewers to experience a consistent, pixel-accurate, server-generated user interface across various CE client devices) has announced a major update to its flagship standard. According to the organization, RVU 2.0--which is slated to launch early this year and which is billed as providing full backwards compatibility--includes requirements for: "1) Building on the high-definition capabilities of RVU 1.0 to add support for next-generation user interfaces supporting 3D and enhanced graphics capabilities. 2) Performance and system enhancements. 3) Expanding mobile-based UI delivery options. Said Henry Derovanessian, president of the RVU Alliance's board of directors and SVP of engineering at DirecTV (note: the latter released its HR35 RVU server last month): "The RVU 1.0 standard has proven to be remarkably resilient in addressing all the needs of a client/server RUI system. The next generation of user interfaces promises to deliver even more advanced features to the consumer. RVU 2.0 will build on the successful implementation of RVU 1.0 and will ensure support for these advanced features to create a class-leading, future-proof solution."
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