Interactive TV News Round-Up (IV): Myriad, Comcast, tru2way, Ooyala, Panasonic, Opera, Intek

Opera TV Store

--Myriad Tapped to Provide Java Virtual Machine for Comcast's tru2way Software Platform
--Ooyala Enables Video Distribution to Panasonic's Viera Connected-TV Platform
--Opera Launches HTML5 Opera TV Store for Connected TV's
--Intek Taps Opera for its Android-Based Hybrid Set-Top Boxes

Due to the large volume of news being generated by this week's 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), we are covering stories in this issue in round-up/summary format. We anticipate that it will take us several days to process all the news from the show: so if your company has sent us a press release or briefed us on an announcement, and you don't yet see your news covered in this issue, please bear with us. While the [itvt] editorial team catches up with CES news, please check out the live Twitter coverage of the show from [itvt] bloggers, Will Keller and Zachary Weiner, by following the @tswedlow Twitter feed.

  • Myriad Group said Monday that it is providing Comcast with Java technology for use in the latter's tru2way set-top software platform. "The Myriad CDCA Java Virtual Machine (JVM) will be integrated into Comcast's Device Software Reference Design Kit to deliver a consistent operating environment and improved application performance for set-top boxes and other devices," Myriad states in its press materials. "The Comcast RDK is a pre-integrated software bundle that powers tru2way, IP or hybrid set-top boxes. The RDK includes the CableLabs OCAP Reference Implementation software, along with other leading open source components, creating a device software platform that enables operators and device vendors to quickly develop and deploy new solutions. Under the arrangement, Myriad will integrate its CDCA JVM into Comcast's tru2way set-top box technology to power a complete, high-performance solution." Said Comcast's SVP of customer premises equipment, Steve Reynolds: "Myriad's Java Virtual Machine will provide a key element in our device software RDK, providing a consistent and high-performance virtual machine to power this platform. We are confident that this JVM will provide the performance and speed necessary to deliver the latest innovative services and applications we're bringing our customers."
  • Ooyala announced Monday that it will enable video publishers who use its premium service to distribute their content to Panasonic's Viera Connect connected-TV platform. "Building on its universal syndication solution, which quickly and cost-effectively delivers content to smartphones, tablets and other devices, Ooyala now gives premium video publishers seamless access to connected living rooms," the company states in its press materials. "Ooyala's syndication platform also enables connected-TV providers to easily scale distribution of new direct-to-consumer content offerings. Panasonic will be the first smart TV maker to offer entertainment powered by Ooyala, and The Country Network (TCN) will be the first publisher to take advantage of the power of Ooyala's Universal Syndication on a smart-TV platform. This month, TCN will begin giving Viera Connect customers access to content from TCN's rich catalog of country music artists and channels, including a simulcast of the network's live TV broadcast channel. Many more video publishers are expected to offer a broad range of content directly to connected TV's through Ooyala's Universal Syndication in early 2012."
  • Oslo-based browser company, Opera, contacted [itvt] Monday to let us know that it has launched the Opera TV Store, which features a range of HTML5-based apps for connected-TV platforms. "The Opera TV Store gives you a completely different way to experience TV," the company states in its press materials. "By introducing easily navigated HTML5 apps such as Facebook or Vimeo to your living room, it expands your TV entertainment options. The Opera TV Store is optimized for HD Ready screens and standard remote controls, so all you need is to relax and choose one from many of the cool apps including video, games and news...Are you developing apps for phones or tablets? The Opera TV Store is the next big thing for you. Use our convenient developer tools to create your killer cross-platform TV app and reach millions of users around the world. With the Opera TV Emulator and the Opera Dragonfly tool you can create and test your TV app without leaving your computer. To get started, check out the useful articles and tutorials specific to TV development at Opera TV Store can be installed by OEM's on any set-top box, Blu-ray player or HD Ready TV. Manufacturers can easily harness the power of TV apps on any device running the Opera Devices SDK. Also, with a selection of high-quality, TV-optimized Web apps offered within Opera TV Store, OEM's can rest assured that their users will get the best possible experience, without having to worry about the content themselves."
  • In other Opera news: The company has announced a partnership with set-top box manufacturer, Intek, that it says will see it providing the latter with licenses for the Opera Software Development Took Kit on its Android-based hybrid set-top boxes, "including HbbTV." "The Opera Devices SDK is a robust, open platform for creating Web-standards-based Internet solutions," Opera states in its press materials. "It provides the ideal foundation for developing connected, interactive TV solutions by combining Web applications, widgets and full Internet browsing with emerging standards. In addition, it uses Opera's most recent core, Opera Presto, which powers the latest Opera desktop browser. It has incorporated a significant update to the SVG engine, with up to 10x performance improvements over the SVG engine in previous versions. There are also improvements in CSS, DOM and JavaScript modules. Now it is available on Android-based platforms."

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