Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) at TVOT NYC Intensive 2011

[itvt] is pleased to present VIDEOS of the two-part session, "ACR Intensive: Automatic Content Recognition on Companion Devices and Connected TV," that was one of the highlights of our recent TVOT NYC Intensive event (took place December 5th in New York City).

The session was described in the TVOT NYC Intensive 2011 brochure as follows:

"This two-part session--hosted by Michael Collette, author of [itvt]'s INdustry column--will offer an in-depth exploration of the current state of automatic content recognition (ACR) technology, and examine its much-touted potential to enable broadcasters, networks, ad agencies and other stakeholders to deploy interactive programming, interactive and dynamic advertising, and t-commerce--using broadband infrastructure and Web apps that run independently of traditional TV distribution networks.

The first half of the session, entitled "The Rise of Companion Apps: TV Content Recognition on Mobile Devices," will focus on ACR-based interactive TV on tablets and other second-screen devices. The segment will offer an overview of the enabling technologies and of the current status of the space, drawing on examples of real-world deployments to date; explore the "math" of these early deployments--for example, the size of the addressable market, the number of enabled devices, response rates and more; outline the benefits and challenges that have emerged to date for advertisers, programmers and consumers respectively; and attempt to identify strategies for successfully deploying ACR-based social and interactive TV.

The second half of the session, entitled "The Next New Future of Interactive TV?: Content Recognition on Smart TV's," will focus on still-early-stage efforts to integrate ACR technology into connected-TV sets and the potential implications of these efforts. The segment will provide an overview of the challenges that need to be addressed in order to make ACR-enabled TV sets a reality; attempt to ascertain how long it will take for a deployed base of such devices to be large enough to have a significant impact on the TV industry; outline the potential benefits for advertisers (including facilitating dynamic ad insertion), programmers and other stakeholders; and--should ACR-based connected TV prove successful--explore its implications for pay-TV operators' efforts to implement interactive TV and dynamic ad insertion via the set-top box."

Panelists for "The Rise of Companion Apps: TV Content Recognition on Mobile Devices" included:

  • Michael Collette, President and CEO, MediaTech Strategies (Moderator)
  • Dan Eakins, CEO, Zeitera
  • Aslam Khader, Chief Technology and Product Officer, Ensequence
  • Evan Krauss, EVP of Advertising Sales, Shazam
  • Randy Shiozaki, Chief Experience Officer, TVplus

Panelists for "The Next New Future of Interactive TV?: Content Recognition on Smart TV's" included:

  • Michael Collette, President and CEO, MediaTech Strategies (Moderator)
  • Jay Friedman, VP of Marketing and Customer Support, Audible Magic
  • Tracy Geist, SVP of Business Development and Strategy, Americas, Civolution
  • Scott Maddux, Founder and Interim CEO, Media-Sync
  • David Preisman, VP of Interactive Television, Showtime Networks
  • Anne-Marie Roussel, Head of Acquisition and Partnerships, Sharp Labs of America
  • Paul Woidke, SVP and General Manager, Advanced Advertising, Nagra

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