Interactive TV News Round-Up (VI): Technicolor, Intel, Samsung, Vizio, TiVo

--Technicolor Launches Cloud-Based Media-Storage/Second-Screen App, M-GO
--TiVo Research Shows OTT and Recorded TV Viewership Surpassing Live TV
--TiVo Releases New Premiere Software, Android App, Demo's Streaming to iPads

Due to the large volume of news being generated by this week's 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), we are covering stories in this issue in round-up/summary format. We anticipate that it will take us several days to process all the news from the show: so if your company has sent us a press release or briefed us on an announcement, and you don't yet see your news covered in this issue, please bear with us.

  • At CES, Wednesday, Technicolor launched an app called M-GO, which it says will be available free of charge on connected devices from Intel, Samsung and Vizio. The app "makes entertainment effortless and conveniently combines all of your media including movies, music, apps, live TV, and much more, in one easy-to-navigate location," the company states in its press materials. "M-GO offers seamless access to all your content across all connected devices, through a cloud-based experience. M-GO has a state-of-the-art discovery engine that quickly and painlessly gets consumers the content that they want to watch when they want it. M-GO can also be used with smartphones or connected tablet as a premium second-screen experience, when watching TV...Specifically, Technicolor is partnering with: 1) Intel Corp: M-GO will be available on Intel Ultrabooks devices through Intel AppUp center, bringing high-definition, premium digital content for television, movies, music and apps to Ultrabooks and other Intel-based devices enabled by Intel Inside. 2) Samsung: M-GO will be available on Samsung's 2012 Smart TV's as well as its Galaxy tablets and Blu-ray Disc players. Additionally, with M-GO while watching a movie on the TV, you can simultaneously get bonus content, such as deleted scenes and games on your connected Galaxy devices. 3) Vizio: M-GO will come pre-loaded on Vizio's televisions, tablets, Blu-ray players and stream players that are part of the Vizio Internet Apps Plus ecosystem, offering consumers the ability to easily access their library of content across devices."
  • TiVo on Wednesday released research which it says shows that consumption of recorded television and Internet-delivered programming is "quickly surpassing" viewership of live TV (at least for viewers equipped with Internet-connected TiVo boxes). "Nearly two thirds of the viewing on Web-connected TiVo units is now delayed television or on-demand video via broadband (OTT)," the company states in its press materials. "That's the latest data from TiVo's audience research unit, which tracks anonymous usage across some two million TiVo devices on a second-by-second basis. Of those devices, only 38% of viewing is live. TiVo provides broadband OTT access to Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus and other video options. Among those TiVo subscribers that used these services, live viewership is even lower at 27%." Said TiVo's general manager of content and media sales, Tara Maitra: "This new second-by-second data shows that on-demand viewing though a combination of time-shifting on the DVR and broadband OTT has become a huge part of the consumer's entertainment mix. The trend here is obvious. For most of their video, these consumers prefer to watch on-demand, whether it's recorded off the air, cable, satellite, or delivered via broadband. It really has become all about whatever they want to watch, whenever they want to watch it."
  • In other TiVo news: 1) Earlier this week, the company announced a new software release for its Premiere DVR's, which it says offers an improved experience of live TV, the ability to stream shows between boxes, and search enhancements. Key features of the new release, according to the company, include: "a) New HD Guide--The TiVo Guide is now in HD, making it crisp, clear and fast. The design lets you find your live TV shows even quicker. Use of picture in graphics allows you to watch your show while browsing the guide. HD guide is available in both traditional 'Grid Guide' format as well as TiVo 'Live Guide' which lets you see what is on the current channel for much of the day in one screen. b) New Information Banner (Previously Channel Banner)--The screen providing information about the current channel has been redesigned with a crisper look. The system provides information about the channel in one of two sizes and TiVo automatically selects which size to use. The standard size shows up when you first tune to a channel or start to play a recording or program download. The full banner shows up if the user explicitly requests information about the channel. c) New Mini-Guide--Live TV now has a mini-guide that displays shows that are currently playing or coming up next on the current channel and the next three channels in guide listing. d) Multiple Tuner Icons--There are now 'multiple tuner' icons in the full info banner. When that is highlighted, it shows what is playing and recording on the DVR's other tuners. If you'd rather watch one of those shows, you can easily select it to get to your other tuners. e) Allows users with more than one TiVo Premiere DVR in their house to stream content between them. This means instant access to any part of a show no matter where it is recorded. It also allows multi-room access to most 'Premium' content. f) Search for Channel--TiVo search now integrates Hulu Plus so you can search across live TV and TiVo's complete library of broadband content. For the first time, you can now search for a channel by call sign (for example ESPN) within TiVo Search. g) Easier Navigation to Episodes--New Episode Guide shows only episodes available in broadband or broadcast TV by default making access to shows more clear and even easier. You can use an option button on the remote to change the filter to show all episodes, available or not, or only free episodes (episodes not requiring a per-episode purchase). h) Discovery Bar--Re-designed Discovery Bar shows short 'recommended reasons' text below each image in the bar so that users can tell why a show is recommended without having to navigate to it. i) More Fluid Navigation--The new software also allows users to navigate through the user experience more quickly. This is one installment of a continued effort to make the user experience even better. 2) The company also announced that its TiVo App is now available on Android phones and select tablets. 3) At CES this week, the company has been demo'ing "conceptual"/"prototype" video streaming to its iPad app via a new hardware accessory. Blogger Dave Zatz has more. 4) The company has also been demo'ing new interfaces on its platform for Netflix and YouTube. Engadget's Ben Drawbaugh has more.
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