Interactive TV News Round-Up (III): HBO, Xbox 360, Miso, USA Network, MobiTV, Texas Instruments

--Report: HBO Go to Launch on Xbox 360 April 1st
--Miso-Powered Second-Screen Experience for USA's "White Collar" Features "Superfans"
--MobiTV Teams with TI on Multiscreen HD Video Streaming

Because the [itvt] editorial team has been working on The TV of Tomorrow Show 2012 (note: early-bird discount registration ends tonight!), we are covering stories in this issue in round-up/summary format.

  • At an HBO event in San Francisco Monday, the company's co-president, Eric Kessler, revealed that it will shortly launch its "TV Everywhere" service, HBO Go, on the Xbox 360, according to a report in Engadget. The launch is scheduled for April 1st, in time for the season-two premiere of "Game of Thrones."
  • Social-TV company, Miso, recently contacted [itvt] to let us know that the "SideShow" (i.e. broadcast-synchronized second-screen experience) it provided for the USA Network show, "White Collar," marked the show's season finale by featuring "superfans" of the show. "With the upcoming season finale of White Collar...USA will be honoring and featuring some of its biggest fans by integrating them into the official USA SideShow," a company spokesperson explained in an email. "This is the first execution of its kind on the Miso platform, and the 'White Collar' superfans will be a part of the synced broadcast experience. Throughout the 'White Collar' season, USA has provided companion content synced with characters, dialogue and action in a Miso SideShow. To make its finale SideShow even more exciting and involving, USA and Miso partnered to identify 'White Collar' 'superfans.' Chosen for their devotion to the program and their engagement with the Miso app, these superfans have each selected their all-time favorite 'White Collar' scenes. During the finale SideShow experience, 'White Collar' fans will learn a little bit about each of these superfans and be able to watch video clips of the superfans' favorite scenes."
  • MobiTV said Monday that it is working with Texas Instruments (TI) to "enhance delivery of secure HD content on multiscreen devices by optimizing its technology on TI's OMAP platform. This collaboration has enabled MobiTV to develop a mosaic viewing experience within a single screen that enables secure simultaneous playback of up to six live feeds," the company's press materials continue. "This experience is made possible through the integration of MobiTV's Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution and Media Playback technology with TI's M-Shield security solution running in a trusted execution environment (TEE), a critical feature of the OMAP platform's smart multicore architecture...MobiTV's cloud-based distribution leverages its DRM, approved by the major television studios, to offer a secure content-delivery mechanism in a cost-effective, scalable manner. This implementation is designed to meet the highest security standards currently set by the content industry for high-quality delivery and distribution of secure HD content across multiple screens...In facilitating the integration of MobiTV service onto the TI platform, Trusted Logic Mobility provided its expertise in the use of the secure middleware component (SMC) developed for TI's M-Shield, which enables applications to run in a highly secure mode within a Trusted Execution Environment." Said MobiTV's VP of technology, Cedric Fernandes: "Our collaboration with Texas Instruments and its OMAP4460 processor is a first step toward more widespread secure delivery of high-definition content across multiple IP-connected devices like tablets, phones and IP-connected set-top boxes."

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