Interactive TV News Round-Up (I): A+E, thePlatform, Audible Magic, Accelerated Media

--A+E Networks Taps thePlatform for Online Video
--Audible Magic Awarded Three Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) Patents
--Accelerated Media Integrates Audible Magic's ACR Solutions into its ITV Technology

Because the [itvt] editorial team has been working on The TV of Tomorrow Show 2012, we are covering stories in this issue in round-up/summary format.

  • Comcast-owned white-label video publishing company, thePlatform, said Wednesday that A+E Networks has selected its mpx platform as the online video logistics system for its A&E, Bio, History and Lifetime channels, and will also use it for its other channel brands in the future. "A+E Networks looked to expand their slate of programming to more screens and syndication outlets, so they turned to thePlatform," the company states in its press materials. "We're proud to help A+E Networks reach their audiences across the Web and mobile devices. Specifically, our mpx platform will provide content management, including video ingest and metadata aggregation, along with business rights modeling and enforcement." Said A+E Networks' VP of digital media technology, John Cool: "With thePlatform's video management system, mpx, we are able to consolidate our video workflow into one system, with the flexibility and enterprise-class reliability we need to reach new screens and outlets."
  • Automatic content recognition (ACR) specialist, Audible Magic, said Wednesday that the US Patent Office has granted it three new ACR-related patents, bringing its total portfolio of US and European patents to 18. "Each of the newly awarded patents tackles a different facet of current ACR challenges," the company states in its press materials. "The first, US Patent #8,006,314, is a system that identifies an unknown piece of digital content by analyzing its metrics and then matching these with known content for identification. The second, US Patent #8,082,150, is a system that receives audio data from an unknown work and checks it against known audio data to see if there is a match. And the third, US Patent #8,086,445, is an invention that reduces the size of the reference database, allowing for a more efficient identification process on systems with limited compute resources. Together with the company's previously awarded patents and growing portfolio of ACR solutions and services, these three new innovations have helped strengthen Audible Magic's competitive position as it pursues smart TV, social TV, interactive advertising and other opportunities. In recent months, for example, the company has announced numerous technology partnerships with other companies focused on these markets." Said Audible Magic's VP of marketing, Jay Friedman: "Virtually every device that plays in this space from TV's to tablets and smartphones must have some form of ACR technology embedded in it to provide the highly interactive, highly engaging experience today's consumers crave. This is an enormous opportunity for us, and we are committed to making the most of it. Since our founding, we have been a leader in this area, and, as these new patent awards illustrate, we are continuing to build upon our leadership position through unceasing innovation." Audible Magic says it has additional patents pending and expects them to be awarded in the first half of this year.
  • In other Audible Magic news: The company said Thursday that interactive TV advertising specialist, Accelerated Media, has integrated its ACR solutions into its ITV technology and plans to offer Audible Magic's ACR services alongside its own services. "Driven by recent developments such as the convergence of TV and the Internet; the rise of new 'smart' TV's, phones, and tablets; growing consumer demands for new 'social' capabilities and other features; and new revenue opportunities for advertisers, the traditional 'lean-back' passive TV experience is evolving into a far more interactive and dynamic one," Audible Magic states in its press materials. "Instead of merely watching TV, viewers are engaging more fully with content, learning more about it, sharing their thoughts about it with friends, taking advantage of special consumer offers, and much more. In turn, these changes have led to the need for new technologies to support applications that will make the interactive experience more intriguing and useful for viewers and more profitable for content providers, advertisers, and others. Among these, one of critical importance is ACR, which enables the hardware to identify the specific content being shown in real time." Said Accelerated Media founder and CTO, Doug McGary: "We're acutely aware of the place of content recognition in the interactive TV experience. It's a key enabling technology, a capability many ITV applications need in order to really be solutions. Considering the essential role of ACR, we looked closely at the different options on the market. Eventually, the choice became abundantly clear. Audible Magic's digital fingerprinting approach is much more robust, accurate, and reliable than other approaches. In addition, Audible Magic supports its solutions with an excellent array of solutions and customer service. We realized that no one else could give us this level of ACR experience, expertise, and value."
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