Interactive TV News Round-Up (III): Cablevision ITV Ads,,, icueTV, itaas, EBIF

--Cablevision Trumpets Success of its Interactive TV Advertising Products Acquired by
--icueTV's Applications Test Successfully in itaas' EBIF Environment

Because the [itvt] editorial team has been working on The TV of Tomorrow Show 2012, we are covering stories in this issue in round-up/summary format.

  • Cablevision announced Monday (in a press release that appears to be timed to maintain confidence in single-screen interactive TV advertising, following Canoe Ventures' recent announcement that it is abandoning its efforts to implement a national ITV advertising platform--see the article published on, February 22nd) that its advanced advertising platform has delivered nearly four billion impressions for advertisers to date. "While Canoe Ventures is no longer focused on interactive advertising, the continued strong interest from the agencies and advertisers is driving Cablevision's evolution of the advanced advertising platform," the press release states. "Cablevision Media Sales offers a full suite of highly differentiated products that deliver enhanced relevance, consumer engagement and rich campaign metrics, analytics and insight. Cablevision was first to offer dedicated branded channels and other advanced products including, the first and largest deployment of addressable advertising to date, and the introduction of Optimum Select RFI that empowers digital cable customers to immediately respond to commercials through their TV remote control and engage directly with the advertiser. Leading global brands including Mattel, Ford, Unilever, US Navy and Disney; and regional and local advertisers such as health care providers and educational institutions have utilized one or more products offered by Cablevision...The core set of advanced and interactive product suite includes: 1) Addressable Advertising: Addressable advertising combines the targeting tactics of traditional direct marketing with the branded power of television. Advertisers are able to deliver different variations of commercial messages to their specific customer segments during the same commercial break on the same network. 2) Optimum Select RFI/Request For Information: RFI allows advertisers to have an extended brand experience with a consumer. An overlay appears on the advertiser's commercial allowing the consumer to immediately press select on their TV remote and request a special offer via mail, email, immediate phone call or mobile text message from that advertiser. 3) Dedicated Advertiser Channels: Marketers can have their own branded dedicated channel and channel position. The consumer interacts and engages with the channel in a much deeper and more meaningful way. Features include long-form VOD content, polling, games, photos, RFI capabilities and Cablevision's unique feature that allows consumers to request an immediate call from the advertiser's customer service representative. 4) Market Showcase: Market Showcase is the perfect television vehicle for clients who have less than 5 minutes of video content, are new to advanced advertising and/or have limited budgets. Available with RFI lead-generation capability, Market Showcase can provide full viewer interaction with a brand, plus qualified leads. 5) Classified Channels: Interactive VOD channels plus an Internet-based listing service featuring more than 50,000 auto listings on Optimum Autos and 60,000 homes listings on Optimum Homes. 6) Telescoping: Telescoping provides an on-screen overlay on the bottom third of a:30 spot that gives viewers the option of using their remote to hit Select and navigate to another channel to learn more about a product." Said David Kline, president and COO of Cablevision's ad-sales arm, Cablevision Media Sales: "Even with Canoe's shift in direction, advertisers should know that the cable providers, like Cablevision, continue to offer and enhance their advanced advertising products. Interactive television advertising has changed the way advertisers engage with consumers and Cablevision delivers a robust set of advanced capabilities to local and national advertisers. The participation and response from advertisers has been tremendous. We have helped to generate nearly four billion impressions to date and, in the last year alone, conducted more than 900 campaigns from more than 600 advertisers in the nation's largest market."
  •, which last September launched what it billed as an "interactive TV guide" (see the article published on, September 13th), has been acquired by "In order to carry on our mission and make an impact on a much larger scale, our team has joined with TV Guide Digital, which has built some of the most successful online and mobile entertainment products in the world," states on its corporate blog. "We're excited to join the TV Guide team, whose innovative Web site and fast-growing mobile apps reach a massive audience. We're looking forward to contributing to TV Guide Digital's mission of enhancing the TV watching experience of TV fans everywhere. as a service will be shutting down in the next few weeks. We plan to provide an easy way to import your data over to TV Guide. Thanks to our community of users for all of your support. We'll see you over at TV Guide!"
  • Interactive TV software and services company, itaas (note: the company recently won Samsung's "Free the TV Challenge" developer contest, and also recently announced the opening of an engineering, testing and integration facility in Chennai, India--see the articles published on, January 10th and March 1st), said Monday that it has approved icueTV's applications for its iLaunch program. "iLaunch is designed to facilitate the deployment of new interactive services by pre-testing EBIF applications," the company states in its press materials. "Through this initiative, icueTV successfully tested its full suite of interactive applications on the EBIF user agent deployed by itaas. Cable operators can easily deploy icueTV's Web-based ETV authoring platform which allows operators to create reusable EBIF-compliant application templates: tcommerce, electronic fulfillment on request for information through the 'Click toText' and 'Click to Email' applications. The ETV applications can also incorporate in-program local advertisement through pre-bound and late-binding support...With icueTV as a part of the iLaunch program, itaas will continue to offer their customers a host of interactive applications that allow enhanced TV viewing experiences for consumers. Participating MSO's will also have instant access to an innovative suite of business and management tools allowing for real-time data analysis and lead-generation tracking." Said icueTV CEO, Michael Huegel: "We are very excited to have participated in the iLaunch program. Our success reinforces what we have known for years--that the icueTV platform is ready for fast-track deployments on the itaas platform and many other well-accepted user agents. With iLaunch, cable operators have the security of knowing that much of the lab testing can be completed prior to full integration: an obvious savings in costs and manpower."
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