Interactive TV News Round-Up (VI):, Vizrt, Nielsen, GroupM, OIPF, Vizrt Partner to Offer "Integrated Social-TV and Graphics Infrastructure"
--Nielsen, GroupM Collaborate on Cross-Platform Advertising-Measurement Service
--Open IPTV Forum Seeks to Attract Smaller Businesses via Tiered Fee Structure

Because the [itvt] editorial team has been working on The TV of Tomorrow Show 2012, we are covering stories in this issue in round-up/summary format.

  • Norwegian interactive TV company,, has signed a preferred partnership agreement with Vizrt, a provider of real-time 3D graphics and asset-management tools for the broadcast industry. "Under the agreement, both companies will promote and support each other's products, which together give customers a unique, best-in-class solution for interacting with audiences in real time via Facebook, Twitter, and second-screen apps, and then displaying the results of those interactions," the companies state in their press materials. "The partnership gives access to a growing network of broadcasters that use Vizrt products, while Vizrt gains a way to provide the best social-TV solutions to its graphics customers." Said Vizrt CTO, Petter Ole Jakobsen: "Both companies have a well-established international footprint, and by being able to integrate each other's products, we can offer broadcasters an unprecedented social-TV and graphics infrastructure. Television producers using the combined system can reach out to their audiences via social media or companion apps triggered by actions originating from within the Vizrt tools. This means complex workflows become streamlined, and fewer operators are required. And simple elements like polls and voting results can now be displayed on live TV with beautiful real-time graphics."
  • Nielsen and GroupM have announced that they are partnering on an advertising-measurement service that they say will integrate media planning and measurement across TV and the Internet. "The goal is to overcome challenges posed by separate media-planning, buying, and analysis processes for TV and the Internet, and to answer a growing demand by advertisers for cross-platform measurement tools that help them streamline their marketing strategies," the companies state in their press materials. "The new service, dubbed Nielsen Cross-Platform Campaign Ratings, will leverage the Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings product, as well as its existing television audience-measurement capabilities, to provide clients with total and overlapped reach and frequency of their marketing campaigns. Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings provides reach, frequency and GRP measures for Internet advertising. The effort calls for GroupM, the world's leading media investment management company, and Nielsen, a leading global information and measurement company, each to contribute resources and expertise to create Cross-Platform Campaign Ratings and make it available to GroupM clients. The two companies will also work together to develop innovative new measurement tools that extend beyond TV and online to other platforms."
  • The Open IPTV Forum has unveiled a new, tiered membership fee structure which it says is designed to encourage participation by small and medium-sized business. "In addition to the current membership fee, one new fee level set at EUR2,400 is available to businesses with annual revenues of less than EUR10M, while another fee level of EUR6,000 targets medium-size companies with annual revenues of less than EUR100M," the organization states in its press materials. "This tiered fee structure supports the aspirations of many innovative app developers, technology component developers and digital entertainment businesses with a valuable and vested interest in shaping the future of Internet-connected TV. The Forum believes that the time is ripe for encouraging small and medium-size, innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises to find a way to also benefit from the OIPF's consensus-based specification development process--furthering those areas specifically relevant to the business of 'apps' and third-party services in particular. Rather than implement bespoke versions of their services and apps for many different types of Internet-connected TV's or work only with one or two specific brands, as is common today, new entrants from these businesses can take advantage of the interoperability of devices, applications and services for connected TV's that is at the foundation of the Forum's specifications and GoToMarket activities." Said OIPF president, Nilo Mitra: "Participation in the work of the Forum for these new members from smaller enterprises, alongside technical experts defining solutions for the largest companies in the TV industry, will doubtless deliver valuable shared learning and experience to members new and old. This collaborative work will hopefully also help create global success and new revenues from the creation of a mass market for apps and services compatible with the millions of Internet-connected TV's being sold by numerous manufacturers worldwide."
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