Interactive TV News Round-Up (V): Motorola Mobility, Rostelecom, My Damn Channel, YouTube, NDS

Meet Beth Hoyt

--Russia's Rostelecom Taps Motorola Mobility to Power New ITV and VOD Services
--My Damn Channel to Launch Live, Interactive, Daily Comedy Show on YouTube
--NDS Powers EPG Ad Insertion for China's Sichuan Cable

Because the [itvt] editorial team has been working on The TV of Tomorrow Show 2012, we are covering stories in this issue in round-up/summary format.

  • Motorola Mobility said Thursday that Russian incumbent telco, Rostelecom, has tapped it to help expand its digital TV services across the country and to power new interactive TV and VOD offerings. "In a move that will enable Rostelecom to differentiate itself in the market by offering rich entertainment experiences, Motorola's VIP1003 and VIP1963 IPTV set-tops will be deployed in early 2012," the company states in its press materials. "The VIP1003 is a compact, cost-effective high-definition IP set-top, ideal for single set-top deployments; whilst the VIP1963 is a superior, high-definition IP media center with a built-in hard-disk drive for personal video recorder functionality. It provides consumers with the added convenience of watching one channel while enabling personalized recording control of another channel--as well as the flexibility of watching on-demand services whenever they want."
  • Online programmer, My Damn Channel, has announced plans to launch "My Damn Channel Live," a daily, live, interactive comedy show on YouTube, as part of the latter's original channels initiative. "Airing weekdays at 4:00PM ET beginning Wednesday, March 28, viewers can watch and interact with every episode of the series as it happens, or catch up on past episodes on-demand at both and," My Damn Channel states in its press materials. "Actor/writer/comedian Beth Hoyt has been tapped as host/writer of My Damn Channel Live. Beth will interview celebrity guests, interact with viewers in real time and premiere videos from over 30 new My Damn Channel original comedy series. The show is live Monday through Friday from a new studio inside the company's Hell's Kitchen headquarters in New York. Promo spots introducing Beth can be viewed now at"
  • Interactive TV and content-security technology provider, NDS, said Wednesday that it has deployed its NDS Dynamic advanced advertising solution with Chinese cable operator, Sichuan Cable Network, in order to enable EPG ad insertion. "The deployment enables the insertion and management of EPG advertising, empowering Sichuan Cable to increase revenue streams by transforming any area within the EPG into potential advertising inventory," the company states in its press materials. "NDS Dynamic is a suite of advanced advertising solutions that enables TV operators to manage, deliver and execute advanced advertising campaigns to improve their existing advertising sales and develop new advertising revenue streams; all reinforced by accurate viewing analysis for programmers. The NDS Dynamic suite has three solutions, audience measurement, addressable advertising and interactive advertising. The implementation of NDS Dynamic for Sichuan Cable enables the operator to define real estate within the EPG and manage how ads are displayed, scheduled and delivered from the headend via a user-friendly Web-based portal. NDS Dynamic supports multiple EPG ad formats including placement in the main menu, the channel list, volume bar, banner ads and scrolling text ads. The solution can also manage ads for SD and HD EPG's separately to enable further segmentation. Through NDS Dynamic, advertising campaigns can be addressed by channel, event, time of day or by subscriber household profile. All EPG ads are provisioned via a hierarchical three-level rights management system that differentiates between ads aimed at national, provincial and city level, allowing Sichuan cable to align ad campaigns to the individual business requirements of the advertiser...Sichuan Cable Network has approximately 15 million subscribers across its national, regional and citywide networks. NDS supplied ongoing systems integration support and consultancy throughout the process of consolidating the cable networks operated by SCTV. The unique three-tier cable infrastructure allows SCTV to use NDS' comprehensive set of technologies to provide the same unified experience to all of its subscribers. NDS oversaw the deployment of SCTV's unified infrastructure which now enables it to flexibly deploy new interactive services, content and features to any network whilst ensuring a consistent experience. SCTV's agreement with NDS has also seen the operator deploy NDS' XTV DVR technology and in partnership with DOXTV, a push-VOD service which provides 1,500 hours of HD content from major international studios."
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