Interactive TV News Round-Up (V): thePlatform, Empathy Labs, Visible World, Vision247, DDD, LG

--thePlatform, Empathy Labs Partner to Bring "TV Everywhere" to Smaller Cable Operators
--Visible World Granted Addressable Advertising Patent
--Vision247 Launches LG Smart TV App for Broadcasters
--DDD Launches "Yabazam" 3D Movie App for LG Connected TV's

Because the [itvt] editorial team has been working on The TV of Tomorrow Show 2012 (note: Spring Discount registration ends midnight Saturday!), we are covering stories in this issue in round-up/summary format.

  • Earlier this month, Comcast-owned white-label video publishing company, thePlatform, launched a suite of "TV Everywhere" solutions (see the article published on, March 8th). On Wednesday, the company revealed that it has partnered with Empathy Lab to create a turnkey solution--consisting of its mpx backend video-management system and user interface modules from Empathy--for building and launching authentication-enabled TV Everywhere Web portals. The solution is targeted at independent, "mid-market" cable operators. "You don't have to be a major cable company to extend your content to the connected mobile devices and tablets of your subscribers," Empathy Lab's SVP of media and entertainment, Jon Molod, wrote on thePlatform's blog. "As a cable operator with 10,000 to 500,000 subscribers, you can bring this value to your subscribers without huge implementation costs. In working with thePlatform on multiple digital video solutions, Empathy Lab has established a set of user interface design modules, integrated with thePlatform's technology, that leverage user-experience best practices, highly engaging interaction design, and successful content-promotion strategies that gets you out of the gate quickly, and sets the foundation for future innovation and growth. We believe in getting the basics of the user experience right, and, more importantly, providing the right mix of content for this market. Our philosophy is to build a solid and scalable solution, based on best practices, with minimal operational burden."
  • Addressable advertising specialist, Visible World, has announced that it has been granted a patent covering bandwidth management for linear household addressable TV advertising applications. "With this patent, the technology offered by Visible World...enables any combination of multiple commercials to be inserted into the same TV ad slot, where each commercial is addressed to its own target consumer segment. 'Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation for Addressable Content,' Visible World's 16th patent granted to date, is for managing the bandwidth that is necessary to deliver the multiple commercials simultaneously with the content. The system works in traditional linear TV, and does not solely rely on video-on-demand, or set-top boxes with local DVR storage. Like all of Visible World's patents, it was developed in-house...Visible World has been steadily developing its patent portfolio to protect its technology platform, and the 16 patents to date cover all aspects of its end-to-end system. The company continues to develop new technology and further patents are expected." Said Visible World CTO, Gerrit Niemeijer: "Visible World's linear addressable TV advertising technology offers superior bandwidth efficiencies. Bandwidth is an important and scarce resource for network operators, and we have put a system in place that makes optimal use of that resource. This is important because it allows them to use targeted advertising on a significantly larger portion of their advertising inventory." Added CEO, Seth Haberman: "We think innovation is important, and we will continue to develop IP to protect ourselves as well as our deployment partners." (Note: last spring, rival Invidi filed a patent-infringement lawsuit against Visible World and the latter's customer, Cablevision--see the article published on, May 11th.)
  • OTT and hybrid-TV specialist, Vision247, on Wednesday announced the availability of its LG Smart TV app for broadcasters. "This new app, available from the app store on LG smart TV's, enables broadcasters to extend the reach of online streamed content to audiences via the latest LG Internet-connected TV sets," the company states in its press materials. "LG smart TV's enable viewers to access a range of home media activities from gaming to fitness and other online content including film services, and social media. For broadcasters and content owners, the Vision247 app for LG smart TV's represents an ideal platform to deliver niche or new, untested styles of broadcasting without the huge costs associated with setting up a traditional TV channel. Vision IPTV's LG Smart TV app ensures delivery of high-quality broadcast content over the Internet and straight onto the family's primary screen in the living room. The LG Smart TV app uses Vision247's online video platform to capture live TV channels, schedule programming and manage video libraries. Broadcasters can then offer free-to-air channels or video, or offer subscription and pay-per-view options to monetize specific content via Vision247's content distribution network...The Vision247 LG Smart TV app can be deployed by national broadcasters seeking to reach ex-pat communities with foreign-language programming; owners of niche, branded or specialist content seeking new distribution avenues; broadcasters delivering video-on-demand services; existing TV channels expanding audience reach; new TV channels starting up; and online TV channels extending off the PC and onto TV sets."
  • In related news: Earlier this month, 3D solutions provider, DDD, announced the launch its "Yabazam" 3D movie app for LG connected TV's. "The Yabazam 3D app streams free 3D movie trailers directly to the viewer's living room from the growing collection of 3D movies available at," the company states in its press materials. "In late March viewers will be able to download full-length 3D movies for a pay-per-view fee. The app became the most popular free LG TV app after its first week of release in mid-February, with over 70,000 content downloads. The Yabazam 3D app and its 3D content portal,, provide a library of high-quality 3D content beyond the 3D features released by the major studios. Yabazam was launched in late 2009 and was the first online portal to offer high-definition 3D movies. Since then, Yabazam 3D content has become a mainstay feature of many of the latest 3D notebook and personal computers from leading brands. The new 3D app expands Yabazam's reach to a much wider audience that is looking for compelling content to watch on 3D TV's."
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