Interactive TV News Round-Up (VII): Rovi, ViewCast, Miranda, Renesas

--Rovi Unveils v9.5 of its MainConcept SDK, Secures Deals with ViewCast, Miranda
--Rovi Unveils v2.0 of TotalCode Enterprise with UltraViolet Support; Signs DivX Plus Deal with Renesas

Because the [itvt] editorial team has been working on The TV of Tomorrow Show 2012, we are covering stories in this issue in round-up/summary format. Due to the volume of news generated by the NAB Show last week, we anticipate that it will take us a few more days to catch up: so if your company has sent us a press release or briefed us on an announcement, and you don't yet see your news covered in this issue, please bear with us.

  • Rovi last week unveiled version 9.5 of its MainConcept SDK, which is slated to be commercially available in June. "MainConcept SDK 9.5 is designed to enable a broad range of developers serving the broadcast, professional and consumer industries to quickly integrate the latest video and audio codecs into their applications, products, and services," the company states in its press materials. "The new version is expected to deliver an enhanced H.264 encoder optimized for delivering high visual quality at lower bit rates, new format support including 4K decoding and AVCHD 2.0, as well as compatibility with the latest hardware encoding technologies such as Intel's second and third generation of core processors with Quick Sync Video...In addition, MainConcept SDK 9.5 is designed to include profiles to support DivX Plus Streaming encoding, enabling developers to efficiently add DivX Plus Streaming creation to their applications and products. Support for Rovi's next-generation adaptive streaming format will further increase the overall momentum for the new technology which is being adopted by a range of retailers and consumer electronics manufacturers to deliver 'over-the-top' entertainment with stunning visual quality and advanced playback features...Rovi's MainConcept SDK powers many of the most popular broadcast, professional and consumer applications in the market today. Providing developers with a powerful suite of encoding, decoding, formatting, and streaming technologies, the MainConcept SDK provides a common API that enables developers to quickly add MainConcept codecs and streaming technologies into their existing digital media products and workflows. Offering high-quality encoding with support for the latest processors, operating systems, and major international codec standards, the MainConcept SDK is a one-stop shop for developers that want to save time and money and be fast to market." In related news: Rovi has announced deals for MainConcept SDK with ViewCast (which it says is using it "to enable support for a broad range of streaming protocols and formats within its popular Niagara Streaming Media Systems") and Miranda Technologies (which it says is using it "to support its content preparation, management, and playout solutions").
  • In other Rovi news: 1) The company has unveiled version 2.0 of Rovi TotalCode Enterprise, which it bills as a "server-distributed encoding solution for high-volume content production that is designed to streamline the preparation of video entertainment for digital distribution channels including broadcast and over-the-top storefronts," and which is also slated to be commercially available in June. "The latest version will be one of the first commercially available production solutions to support the preparation of movies in the downloadable UltraViolet Common File Format (CFF)," the company states in its press materials. "TotalCode Enterprise 2.0 is being developed to offer a disc-to-digital capability designed to efficiently convert content owners' DVD catalogs into a variety of advanced formats, including DivX Plus Streaming and UltraViolet's CFF. TotalCode is also expected to offer an automated QC workflow that enables segment re-encoding, or the fine tuning of specific areas without re-encoding an entire title, via a project handover to TotalCode Professional. Adding to the momentum for Rovi's next-generation adaptive streaming format that is being adopted by retailers and CE manufacturers to deliver high-quality streams with advanced playback features, TotalCode Enterprise has been designed to support the encoding of titles in the DivX Plus Streaming format. TotalCode Enterprise 2.0 is also designed to increase production efficiency for advanced digital delivery formats by solving many of the complex workflow challenges associated with automating the creation of titles through the use of multiple input assets that combine several audio, subtitle, and metadata streams...TotalCode Enterprise 2.0 will be part of a wide-ranging upgrade to Rovi's TotalCode line of content-production solutions that also includes TotalCode Studio, a comprehensive desktop encoding solution, and TotalCode Professional, which adds powerful QC and parameter controls for segment re-encoding that result in stunning, cinematic-quality video. Built on a unified platform that facilitates seamless workflows and the interchange of encoding presets, the entire TotalCode line is designed for easy customization and integration with existing production workflows." 2) The company has announced that semiconductor supplier, Renesas Electronics Corporation, has agreed to incorporate the Rovi DivX Plus Streaming solution into its integrated circuit (IC) solutions for connected home entertainment devices. "The new deal expands upon an existing relationship for DivX Plus HD Certification and Rovi Entertainment Store, which are currently being deployed on a range of Renesas system-on-chips (SoC's)," the company states in its press materials. "The Rovi technology solution offers smooth adaptive streaming from standard definition to 1080p video resolution to help maintain optimal visual quality as bandwidth fluctuates and help provide a buffer-free playback experience. Bringing a robust, cutting-edge feature set to streaming media that is typically characteristic of the Blu-ray Disc consumer experience, DivX Plus Streaming supports subtitles, multiple language tracks, and trick-play features such as smooth fast-forward and rewind, quick-start playback, and resume playback across devices. DivX Plus Streaming also works in conjunction with Rovi's DivX Plus HD certification to enable offline playback of digital video files with similar advanced features...To develop DivX Plus Streaming, Rovi built upon core DivX technologies recognized by millions of consumers around the world for delivering great video performance, visual quality, and multiscreen interoperability. The solution also utilizes trusted digital rights management technology currently used by a number of online retailers offering movies in the DivX format, including WB Shop and Media Markt. To accelerate time to market and device integration, Rovi has built out the existing certification program used for DivX technology device validation and compatibility--a program that has resulted in shipment by top-tier manufacturers of over 600 million DivX-compatible consumer electronics devices into the market."
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