Interactive TV News Round-Up (III): Movea, Music Choice, NimbleTV, Open IPTV Forum

Music Choice's Bold New Look!

--Movea Unveils "Chemistry of Motion" Technology for Rapid Prototyping of Motion-Controlled ITV
--Music Choice Unveils "Interactive Onscreen Design" for its Music Channels
--NimbleTV Unveils Cloud-Based, Social-TV Enabled "TV Everywhere"-Type Service
--Open IPTV Forum Adds Four New Members, Following Implementation of New Tiered Fee Structure

Because the [itvt] editorial team has been working on The TV of Tomorrow Show 2012 (discount registration ends midnight next Monday!), we are covering stories in this issue in round-up/summary format. Due to the volume of news generated by the NAB Show last week, we anticipate that it will take us a few more days to catch up: so if your company has sent us a press release or briefed us on an announcement, and you don't yet see your news covered in this issue, please bear with us.

  • Motion-control technology provider, Movea, has unveiled a technology called Chemistry of Motion, which it stresses is for internal use only and which it says enables it to "rapidly prototype new motion features for customers in the mobile, interactive TV, sports, and health markets. Built on Movea's patented SmartMotion 'atoms,' Chemistry of Motion builds on hundreds of years of R&D which has identified the fundamental elements of human motion and tools for combining SmartMotion atoms into molecules of more complex, end-user features," the company states in its press materials. "Movea's Chemistry of Motion characterizes and organizes the basic elements of human motion and assembles them into 'molecules' which represent the richer, more complex end-user features that the market is increasingly demanding. In Movea's Table of SmartMotion Elements, basic features are organized into columns according to the type of motion analysis they perform. Each element in the table is characterized by fundamental properties such as category of motion, computational complexity, sensor configuration and sensor placement...The creation of new features by assembling motion atoms into molecules is accelerated through a powerful internal toolkit the company's engineers have developed called MoveaLab." Said Movea CTO, Bruno Flament: "We have been researching motion for many years. As we started identifying the fundamental building blocks of human activity, we saw that these atomic motion elements fell into a natural organization based on defining parameters such as category of motion, complexity, placement and combination of sensors, as well as the element's inputs and outputs by which they bond to each other. In some ways, we were facing a similar challenge to what Dmitri Mendeleev faced when he was trying to make sense of the chemical elements. When developing new features, our engineers think in terms of data flows in a functional diagram. To accelerate our development time, we created a signal processing design studio where our extensive library of algorithms and IP have been converted into functional blocks that can be organized into a signal-processing data flow by simply clicking and dragging into place with a computer mouse. Our engineers can immediately see how the processing flows work with real sensor data, in real time and then fine tune the flow to analyze and optimize performance. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) has rich and detailed graphical objects for feature validation and demos."
  • Multiplatform music programmer, Music Choice, has unveiled what it bills as an "interactive onscreen design" for its 46 music channels. "This is the second in a series of changes that the service will make this year to help fulfill its brand promise of 'Living Music' that was launched earlier this year," Music Choice states in its press materials. "The new onscreen design will create a more robust interactive music experience that will help aid music discovery and create a more engaging experience. While watching the stations, consumers will be informed about videos available on-demand by the artist playing along with original shows. The new design incorporates existing programming elements along with capability to expand consumer interactivity with new features that will launch this summer including artist integration and specialty programming." Said Music Choice's VP of programming, Damon Williams: "The new onscreen design is part of our brand strategy of 'Living Music' that we launched earlier this year that allows consumers to dive deeper and further into music discovery and interactivity. The new onscreen design is the natural progression for us to open up the bandwidth on some of our channels to allow for increased artist participation, block programming and social media integration on our channels by the end of this year." A demo video of the new design is embedded above.
  • A company called NimbleTV emerged from stealth mode earlier this week, promising a "game-changing new subscription-based TV platform that for the first time enables customers to access all of their television from anywhere in the world, on any device. Customers access their subscription-TV service using NimbleTV cloud-based software that lets them view their TV wherever they are--with nearly unlimited recording capability and social tools to help guide what to watch," the company's press materials continue. "The service is a global platform beginning with TV offerings from the US and India, and will roll out to other countries. Individuals can sign up for private beta starting today...NimbleTV sets customers up with their own subscription agreements with TV providers that NimbleTV supports. Customers make payments directly to their providers with NimbleTV acting as a payment service. In addition to local coverage, NimbleTV includes all cable channels, depending on which package a customer selects. The service has more than 10,000 hours of digital recording. There is no box to buy or equipment to set up. NimbleTV has built-in social features that enable customers to easily follow and record what their friends like to watch on TV. Beta users will have access to a TV subscription package with more than two dozen channels, with more added during the beta period. The NimbleTV price will include the provider subscription at cost, plus a small fee for services such as subscription set-up and management, the advanced functionality of portability and industry-leading DVR capabilities. The company will announce exact pricing when it launches the product to the public in the next few months. NimbleTV is at the forefront of new technology that helps consumers by merging the best of online and linear content, which mirrors how viewers increasingly experience TV today. For instance, people will be able to connect socially around their favorite shows and communities will help curate choices from among the vast number available. In addition, people today are demanding more simplicity, seeking to avoid unnecessary equipment and set-top boxes." As the New York Times' Brian Stelter explains, NimbleTV plans to provide customers with a "TV Everywhere"-type service "with or without [their subscription-TV provider's] permission."
  • The Open IPTV Forum (OIPF) has announced four new members--Broadpeak,, 3 Screen Solutions and Zenterio--which it says have taken advantage of its new tiered fee structure. The new fee structure is designed to make participation in the OIPF affordable for smaller enterprises by reducing annual membership costs by 80% (see the article published on, March 20th). "We welcome 3 Screen Solutions, Broadpeak, and Zenterio to the OIPF and look forward to their active participation in the work of the Forum," OIPF president, Nilo Mitra, said in a prepared statement. "The collaboration between smaller enterprises and the largest companies in the IPTV industry will certainly deliver valuable shared learning and experience to all our members new and old." More information on the four new OIPF members is available here.
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