Orca Interactive to Present Workshop on Content Discovery at The TV of Tomorrow Show 2012

[itvt] is pleased to announce that Orca Interactive will present a workshop/seminar on content discovery at The TV of Tomorrow Show 2012 (note: to view the full TVOT Schedule of Sessions, click here; and to purchase tickets to the show, click here):

10:45-11:55AM, Wednesday June 13th

Workshop: Seminar on Content Discovery, Led by Dr. Ofer Weintraub, CTO of Orca Interactive

This seminar--led by Orca Interactive CTO, Dr. Ofer Weintraub--will begin with a general introduction to the field of content discovery, exploring among other things the various different approaches to content discovery, and the ways in which the efficacy and value of content-discovery systems are typically measured.

Weintraub will then elaborate on some of the lessons learned from Orca's deployment of a content-discovery system at Orange France and from extensive testing that has been conducted with consumers in the US, France, Israel and India. The workshop will provide insights into the nature of a dynamic content-discovery system, and explain why even the most effective content-discovery systems require ongoing tuning and other improvements based on algorithms, psychology and art.

North America