Fall-discount registration for [itvt]'s third annual TVOT NYC Intensive (December 10th, 2012, in New York City) ends at midnight tonight, Wednesday, October 31st (Halloween).  

Fall-discount registration allows you to attend TVOT NYC Intensive 2012 for just $875, representing a savings of $200 off the regular price of a ticket (and guaranteeing you a seat at this limited-attendance event).

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From November 1 through December 10th, tickets will be priced at $1075.

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TVOT NYC Intensive 2012's line-up of over 100 top-level speakers and panelists includes (note: we will be announcing more speakers and panelists shortly):

  • Aaron Scullion, Executive Product Manager, BBC Future Media (led the BBC's multiplatform/interactive/connected TV efforts for the 2012 Olympics)
  • Adam Lowy, GM of Interactive TV, DISH Network
  • Alex Iskold, CEO, GetGlue
  • Alex Lemay, CEO, The Shadow Gang
  • Alex Terpstra, CEO, Civolution
  • Andrew Ward, Group Vice President, CM 360, Comcast Spotlight
  • Anne-Marie Roussel, Executive in Residence, Illuminate Ventures
  • Anthony Rose, CTO, zeebox
  • Arlo Rose, VP of Dragon TV, Nuance
  • Barry Frey, Former EVP of Advanced Platform Sales, Cablevision
  • Bob Madden, GM and SVP for the Digital Food Category, Scripps Networks Interactive
  • Brad Pelo, CEO, i.TV
  • Cathy Hetzel, President, Rentrak
  • Chase Norlin, CEO, Alphabird
  • Chris Anderson, SVP of Digital, Shine
  • Chris Faw, SVP of Operations, Time Warner Cable Media Sales
  • Chris Gorell-Barnes, CEO, Adjust Your Set
  • Chris Pizzurro, Head of Product, Sales and Marketing, Canoe Ventures
  • Clayton Banks, Executive Producer, Ember Media
  • Cliff Mercer, SVP of Engineering, ActiveVideo
  • Dale Herigstad, Chief Interaction Officer, Possible Worldwide
  • Dan Eakins, CEO, Zeitera
  • Dan Suratt, EVP of Digital Media and Business Development, A+E Networks
  • David Cohn, Head of TV Partnerships, Shazam
  • David Ho, Director of Client Insights, Miso
  • Dr. Duane Varan: Chief Research Officer and Executive Director of the Disney Media & Advertising Lab, and Professor and Executive Director of the Audience Research Labs at Murdoch University
  • Dr. Nilo Mitro, President, Open IPTV Forum
  • Eli Weisman, VP of Interactive TV, Trailer Park
  • Emi Gal, CEO, Brainient
  • Eric Gould Bear, CEO, MonkeyMedia
  • Evan Silverman, SVP of Digital Media, A+E Networks
  • Farhad Massoudi, CEO, adRise
  • Gary Lauder, Chairman, OnLive, ActiveVideo
  • Gerard Kunkel, Media Strategy Advisor, Microsoft
  • Gunter Kalogridis, Director of Product Development, Tribune Media Services
  • Ian Aaron, CEO, ConnecTV
  • James Field, Director of Technology, NDS
  • Jeff Siegel, SVP of Global Media Sales, Rovi
  • Jeremy Toeman, CEO, Dijit
  • Joan Fitzgerald, VP of TV and Cross-Media Solutions, comScore
  • Joe Lipowski, CTO, Aereo
  • John Pavley, CTO, Huffington Post
  • Jonathan Lupo, Chief Experience Officer, Empathy Lab
  • Jury Hahn, Chief Creative Officer, Megaphone Labs
  • Kirk Dulaney, Executive Director of Strategic Business Development, Sony
  • Lawrence Brickman, VP of Application Solutions, Accedo
  • Lisa Hsia, EVP of Digital Media, Bravo
  • Michael Collette, CEO, TVIS
  • Michael Mathieu, CEO, Set.TV
  • Michele McGarry, VP of Business Development, ThinkAnalytics
  • Mike Caprio, VP of Video, Broadcast and Connected Devices, DG/Mediamind
  • Mike Fitzsimmons, CEO, DeliveryAgent
  • Mike Monello, Partner, Campfire
  • Olivier Lacour, VP of Design, NDS
  • Patrick Donoghue, SVP of Strategic Product Development, Cablevision
  • Paul Stathacopoulos, SVP of Strategy, Rovi
  • Pete Scott, VP of Emerging Media, Turner Sports
  • Peter Low, President and CEO, Ensequence
  • Prakash Venkataraman, Head of Business Operations, Miso
  • Rick Howe, The iTV Doctor
  • Ran Harnevo, SVP of Video, AOL (heads the AOL On Network)
  • Robert May, CEO,
  • Russ Schafer, Senior Director of Global Product Marketing, Yahoo! Connected TV
  • Sam Pemberton, CEO, Softel
  • Sarah Pearson, Managing Partner, Actual Customer Behavior
  • Sefy Ariely, EVP, Americas, Viaccess-Orca
  • Seneca Mudd, Director of Industry Initiatives, IAB
  • Seth Haberman, CEO, Visible World
  • Seth Tapper, CEO, Second Screen Networks
  • Steve Davi, CTO, SeaChange
  • Tal Chalozin, CTO, Innovid
  • Tara Maitra, GM of Content and Media Sales, TiVo
  • Tom Cape, CEO, Capablue
  • Tom Morgan, CEO, Net2TV
  • Yoni Bloch, CEO, Interlude
  • Yosi Glick, CEO, Jinni
  • Zane Vella, CEO, Watchwith


"The passion and commitment you bring to the space is amazing, and you put on an incredible show...I particularly enjoy the mix of hearing about the most innovative (dare I say it, 'bleeding-edge') ideas, whilst also knowing that you ensure the show focuses on the here and now and the realities of deployments. Our panel was excellent, and I was so pleased to have a voice there. Indeed, I'm thrilled to be a part of your events!...You once again created a truly special and differentiated show, with quality and original panels, and a great group of mover and shaker attendees. We were delighted with the quality of conversations we had. Equally, the papers were of a high standard, as were the speakers." -- Sam Pemberton, CEO, Softel

"Thank you for inviting me to participate in TV of Tomorrow. It was really a fantastic experience all around and very different from the conferences I've attended in the past, in the best way possible. I enjoyed learning about aspects of the business that I normally don't have contact with (but clearly should) and I found the range of topics and discussions was excellent. I'm still thinking about Nathan Shedroff's amazing presentation, one of the best I've seen in years. I hope I was able to contribute as much as I took away." --Mike Monello, Partner and Chief Creative Officer, Campfire

"Thanks again for the awesome TVOT conference. I have to say it was one of the most valuable uses of my time at a conference in many years." -- Shawn Patrick, Co-Founder and CMO, yap.TV

"Well done! Quite impressive." -- Jean-Francois Mule, SVP of Technology Development, CableLabs

"We look forward to being at future TVOT events--it's one of the conferences we love doing!" -- Rica Squires, PR Manager, Shazam

"TVOT has become the essential venue for hard talk by senior industry decision-makers. No fluff, just strong opinion and actionable facts. Enjoyed every session and made valuable connections at the post-session soirees. Well done!" - Robert May, Founder and CEO, Ringz.TV

"Tracy, a huge thanks for a brilliant TVOT event, and for that much-coveted speaking opportunity--hugely appreciated." -- Anthony Rose, Co-Founder and CTO, zeebox

"Really enjoyed the TVOT show in SF." - Andy Liu, Co-Founder and CEO, BuddyTV

"Thank you for having X2TV at the TV of Tomorrow show! We are so happy to have been a part of the event. You did an amazing job!" - Marisa Jaffe, Marketing Manager, X2TV

"I had a great time!" - Yoni Bloch, Founder and CEO, Interlude

"The TV of Tomorrow Show 2012 continues the tradition of incisive and forward-thinking commentary by leaders at the intersection of media, entertainment and technology. As ConnecTV explores new social-TV ground with its broadcast media partners nationwide, we're thrilled to be a part of the TVOT showcase for groundbreaking new companies that will re-shape the future of television. Thank you for inviting us to participate--and count us in for the next TV of Tomorrow!" -- Stacy Jolna, Co-Founder and CMO, ConnecTV

"It was indeed great fun to verbally spar in such good company! Bravo to Tracy for the awesome stage set-up, to Will for the fearless time-keeping and to my panel 'partners-in-crime' for their daring opinions! Looking forward to meeting again at the next TVOT show." -- Anne-Marie Roussel, Head of Acquisitions and Partnerships, Sharp Electronics

"Thanks again for inviting us to take part of this fantastically organized and overall awesome event." - Ofer Weintraub, CTO, Viacess-Orca

"Great show!" - Debbie Fitzgerald, Principal Architect, CableLabs

"Fantastic conference. The bar is raised." - Channing Dawson, Senior Advisor, Scripps Networks

"TVOT was a wonderful event. I'm only sorry I had not planned to stay for both days." - Lisa Farris, CEO, Get This

"Serious kudos to you on the agenda." - Jonathan Dakss, VP of Emerging Media Technology, NBC Universal

"Thanks for putting on such a terrific TVOT this year! The stellar talent you bring to the conference always means the conversations are timely and impactful. It's my favorite industry event, because the people who attend are the people who are actually doing strategic, innovative work in the field--it really feels effective. I'm looking forward to the NYC Intensive event this fall." - Kendall Doty, Executive Director of Digital Content and Cross-Platform Entertainment, The Hub

"It was a GREAT conference Tracy. What most impressed me was the diversity of the participants...You have brought together the entire value chain in one spot--which is very, very cool." -- Duane Varan, Chief Research Officer and Executive Director of the Disney Media & Advertising Lab, and Professor and Executive Director of the Audience Research Labs at Murdoch University

"As you know, I've been coming to the TVOT conference from the very beginning and I must say that somehow you and your team are able to make it a better and better experience with each successive year. It is always so jam-packed with vital, state-of-the-industry information that there is no other show like it. You consistently attract top industry players and put together powerful presentations and creative panel discussions. No one should miss it...I know I won't. Thank you, again, and keep up the great work!" - Michael Johnson, CEO/Executive Producer, EPICo and Industrial Strength Television, Inc.

"I attended my first TVOT last week, and what an amazing experience it was...truly one of the best events I have ever attended. The roster of speakers/panel participants was so comprehensive and engaging. I loved the flow of the program and certainly the attention to detail in the staging and environment. You mentioned during the opening address that this was the first time it was held in the round. That was great! It really provided an engaging and interactive experience (speaking of which, having the TVplus companion was just plain cool!). The art exhibit was such a bonus." - Scott Wallace, Marketing/Client Development, Interactive/Multiplatform TV

"Enjoyed the conference." - Russ Schafer, Senior Director, Yahoo! Connected TV

"Just a note to thank you for having me at your event. I heard that the entire event was a huge success." -- Tony Werner, CTO, Comcast

"Wow, what an amazing event you put on! Everything about TVOT was top notch; from the speakers and presenters, to details like food and stage sets. From the high quality (and quantity) of information presented, to the high-level industry players involved. The organization alone of the event was impressive, while the execution was superlative. Everything ran on-time and as smoothly as a well-oiled machine. Your team is to be highly commended as well. I cannot thank you enough for including me in the Social Media panel discussion. And the time you spent with me personally, introducing me to people and helping me spread the word about, was extremely generous. Thank you for welcoming myself and my company into the industry." - Tracy Evans, COO, Theatrics

"Thank you so much for including Digitalsmiths in this year's show (and for being so flexible with our panelist substitutions). John had a great experience participating on the panel, and the rest of our guys that attended the show were very impressed by the quality of the discussions and networking. You not only addressed the right topics, but you also had the right people there addressing them." -- Caitlin Hourigan, Marketing Manager, Digitalsmiths

"Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your conference again this year. I really like the risks you take with content and format--and, you're successful doing so. I met some fascinating people." -- Nathan Shedroff, Program Chair, MBA in Design Strategy, California College of the Arts
"I loved your event! Some of the best presentation and discussion I have experienced in a while. Congratulations!!!" -- Ken Venturi, Chief Creative Officer, National Cinemedia

"I have to say your event just gets better and better. It was one of the best and most productive days I've had in a long while. Thanks for taking on the challenge of such an event." -- Tracy Geist, SVP of Business Development and Strategy, Americas, Civolution

"Rovi was very pleased to be involved with the NYC TVOT. Our team was very happy with the show, your staff was wonderful. We look forward to working with you again." - Marcy Browe, Marketing Manager, Rovi Corp.

"Really great job pulling together a conference that allowed an open discussion of many of the opportunities and challenges for our future." -- Robert Dandrea, Distinguished Engineer, National Engineering and Technical Operations, Comcast

"Thanks so much for an excellent conference. I have already had several QUALITY follow-ups as a result." - Kelly Moulton, VP North America,

"Thanks for a terrific conference. I have to say I was overwhelmed by the positive response to my presentation (and the presentations by all of the speakers in my section). I must have collected over 30 business cards. The content of the conference was so relevant to what we are doing at comScore." --Joan FitzGerald, VP of Television Sales and Business Development, comScore

"I wanted to let you know that me and my team from Donovan thought this was a terrific conference. Great content, people and venue." -- Harvey Kent, Chief Media Strategist, Mediaocean

"Once again you outdid yourself with your event in NYC. From topics to attendees, it was an excellent event full of great discussions and takeaways. Thank you for all that you did to make the event happen." -- Jen Soch, Managing Partner/Global Account Director, MEC

"Fabulous job with the show again this year!" -- Jane Clarke, Managing Director, CIMM

"A quick note to say what a brilliant show it was. Well done! As ever, really interesting people, great sessions and thoroughly enjoyable...I think you did a great job capturing the spirit of the moment." -- Jasper Smith, Founder and CEO, PlayJam

"Thought it was a great conference." -- Adam Cahan, CEO, IntoNow, a Yahoo! Company

"The show was incredible!" -- Vibha Rustagi, President and CEO, itaas

"Thanks for your great hospitality for including Jinni in your amazing event." -- Yosi Glick, CEO, Jinni

"I was most impressed with the quality of the conference. The stage set, art exhibit, audience quality and planning were amazing. Fantastic job." -- Gary Shapiro, President and CEO, Consumer Electronics Association

"It was a wonderful event--seems to get better each year." -- Brandon S. Brown, CEO, Zodiac Interactive

"Thanks, Tracy. You did a great job. The conference was darn impressive. We were happy to participate and support it." -- George Schweitzer, Chief Marketing Officer, CBS

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