Interactive TV Headlines Round-Up (III): Fox, Watchwith, Shazam, Viggle, ConnecTV, Dijit, Dish Hopper, HBO, Hillcrest Labs, Hub TV Network, IAB, LG, ST-Ericsson, Metaio, Minerva Networks

Introducing the Worlds First Augmented Reality Chipset - Metaio & ST-Ericsson

Because the [itvt] editorial team has been busy working on The TV of Tomorrow Show 2013 (June 25th-26th in San Francisco--Super-Early-Bird Registration ends midnight Thursday!), we are covering stories in this issue in headlines/round-up format:

  • Fox Broadcasting Launches Digital Content Syndication Network to Distribute its Broadcast-Synchronized Second-Screen Interactive TV Experiences--Currently Available Only via its Fox Now Apps--to Third-Party Second-Screen App Providers; Second-Screen Launch Partners Include Shazam, Viggle, ConnecTV and NextGuide (Dijit); Fox also "in Discussions" to Bring Syndication Network to Connected TV
  • Related Content Syndication Specialist, Watchwith, Selected as Sync-to-Broadcast Content Management System Partner for Fox's New Digital Content Syndication Network
  • Watchwith Partners with Dijit to Enable Broadcast-Synchronized Second-Screen Interactive TV Experiences for Fox and Other Networks
  • Fox Broadcasting Seeking to Block Dish Hopper HD DVR's Sling Media-Powered TV-Placeshifting Functionality via Preliminary Injunction
  • HBO Go and Max Go Android Apps Add Support for HDMI Video Output
  • Hillcrest Labs Integrates its Freespace MotionEngine Mobile Motion-Control Software with VENTURI Augmented Reality Platform
  • Hub TV Network's "You Rule Thursdays" Let Viewers Vote to Choose Programming Line-Up
  • Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Announces Winners of its First "Digital Rising Stars" Competition; Competition Intended to Accelerate Use of Interactivity in Digital Video Advertising
  • LG Electronics Acquires webOS Operating System from HP, Plans to Use it for Smart TV
  • ST-Ericsson to Integrate Metaio's AREngine Augmented-Reality Technology into its Mobile Chipsets
  • Metaio Releases New Version of its Metaio Creator Drag-and-Drop Augmented-Reality Design Software; Lets Users Manage Content and Apps from the Cloud (December 10th)
  • Minerva Networks Demo's Multiscreen Hybrid-IP Cable Solution at NCTC Conference
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