Interactive TV Headlines Round-Up (V): Redbox Instant, Xbox, Reddit, Rovi, ruwido, LG, Samsung, Shaw, Sky, Channel 4, SoftAtHome, WSJ Live, Spreecast, Telestream

Samsung Galaxy S4 Smart Pause and Smart Scroll demo

Because the [itvt] editorial team has been busy working on The TV of Tomorrow Show 2013 (June 25th-26th in San Francisco), we are covering stories in this issue in headlines/round-up format:

  • Redbox Instant, GameTrailers Launch on Xbox 360
  • Reddit Launches Original YouTube Mini-Series, "Explain Like I'm Five"
  • Rovi, LG Electronics End Patent Dispute via Multi-Year License Agreement
  • ruwido Launches "mono" Remote Control
  • Samsung's New Galaxy S 4 Smartphone Incorporates "Smart Pause" Technology, Enabling Video to Pause when User not Watching; LG Claims Feature Infringes on its "Smart Video" Technology
  • Shaw-Owned Global Adds "Tap-Through" Technology to its Global TV Video App for iPad and iPhone; Technology Enables Users to Access Additional Info on/Promotions for Advertised Products, and Provides Advertisers with Click-Through Metrics
  • Sky Adds UK Terrestrial Broadcaster Channel 4's 4oD Catch-Up Service
  • Sky Movies App Now Available for Android
  • SoftAtHome Powering Orange's New Livebox Play Home Gateway Solution
  • Wall Street Journal Taps Social Video-Chat Company, Spreecast, to Power Interactive Video Conversations for its WSJ Live Service
  • Telestream Launches "Vantage Transcode IPTV VOD" Video Transcoder for IPTV and Cable VOD Distribution

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