New Video Blog from Ashley Swartz: Set-Top Box Overkill

Set-top Box Over Kill

[itvt] is pleased to present "Set-Top Box Overkill," a new video blog from Ashley Swartz, principal of Furious Minds.

"Following Amazon's strong Q1 earnings," Swartz writes in her introduction, "sources close to the ecommerce giant have confirmed their development of a set-top box, which is set to release next year.

Amazon's progression into audiences' living rooms, following the introduction of their 14 original pilots and highly anticipated smartphone, means they're keen to capitalize on audiences' changing behavior.

"Swartz believes the market is saturated with players who have fallen short of their services and just haven't made TV better. For Swartz, the shift to video everywhere is the obvious solution. She challenges these players to not solely rely on exclusive content to attract audiences, but instead, simply fix TV. Swartz concludes that the players who will succeed will be the one(s) who create a better consumer-centric TV viewing experience for all audiences."

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