[itvt] Presents...The tvot^ Hackathon: a Contest to Invent the TV of Tomorrow

Break>Remake TV!


DATE & PLACE: June 22-23 (Saturday-Sunday), 202 Green Street, San Francisco, California

PLATFORMS BEING USED: iOS, Android, Connected TV, Tablets, Smartphones, PCs

SDKs: Synchronizing Mobile with TV and Metadata (Gracenote), Mobile Video Editing (Ignite Video), Commerce (PayPal), 3D Motion (Leap Motion), Voice Control (Nuance), Connected TV (Samsung Developers), Online Video Storytelling (Pemberley Digital-"Lizzie Bennet Diaries")

[itvt] is pleased to announce the tvot^ Hackathon, an event that brings together hackers and creatives to envision and build the TV of Tomorrow.

The Hackathon is not only meant to honor the innovative spirit of Philo Farnsworth, the originator of electronic television, but will take place in the very building where Farnsworth invented electronic television back in 1927!

What is the TV of Tomorrow? We'll leave that entirely up to your vision and creativity! However, it could encompass such platforms, technologies and user experiences as the second screen (smartphones, tablets, etc.), game consoles, connected set-top boxes, smart TV's, gestural control, voice control, automatic content recognition, augmented reality, rich interactivity, gamification, personalization, audience participation, social media integration, geolocation, transmedia storytelling, and more.

When: The tvot^ Hackathon will take place 9:00AM, June 22nd-5:00PM June 23rd (Saturday-Sunday). The finalists will then be showcased and the winner selected June 25th in a special session at The TV of Tomorrow Show 2013 (TVOT 2013), an event that attracts many of the leading figures of the advanced-TV industry.

Where: The tvot^ Hackathon will take place at the offices of Ignite Video, 202 Green Street,  San Francisco, California--the actual facility where Philo Farnsworth invented electronic television more than 85 years ago!

How to Register: Registration is free, but spaces are limited. So register here soon to request your seat. Please note that registered tvot^ Hackathon participants also qualify for discount admission to The TV of Tomorrow Show 2013 (TVOT 2013). Email swedlow@itvt.com for more information.

The Challenge: Hackers will be challenged to envision the TV of Tomorrow by conceiving, designing and building TV/video apps and experiences, primarily--though not exclusively--using technologies, platforms, content and knowledge contributed by the Hackathon hosts and sponsors. Special emphasis will be placed on apps and experiences that employ broadcast synchronization, rich metadata and natural user interfaces (a number of Leap Motion Controllers will be available for participants to use), and that explore the relationship between TV and the second screen; however, participants are ultimately free to implement their visions of the TV of Tomorrow however they wish. Hackers will receive points for every participating company's technology that they employ and, most importantly, for the originality, elegance and usefulness (viability, scalability, monetizability etc.) of the app or experience they create.  

Who Should Participate?: The tvot^ Hackathon is open to "hackers" of all kinds, including coders, but also front-end and motion-graphic designers, content visionaries, business visionaries, students, storytellers, filmmakers and others.

What to Expect: The tvot^ Hackathon will last 36 hours, and food and drink will be provided. Representatives from the Hackathon hosts and the other participating companies and organizations will be on hand to provide advice on using their platforms, API's and other technologies. In addition, you'll be able to participate in breakout sessions with other advanced-/interactive-/social-/multiplatform-TV experts/mentors who can provide you with guidance and inspiration. Once you have completed a prototype or real implementation of your project, you will be asked to pitch it to a panel of judges who will select the three finalist projects that will be showcased at TVOT 2013.

Prizes: Winners of the "TV of Tomorrow" Grand Prize will receive a cash prize (TBA soon!), as well as the opportunity to present at the TVOT show, and recognition in the [itvt] newsletter, daily news Web site and the TVOT Web site. Sponsor companies will also be providing a selection of exciting prizes for the most innovative hacks.

I Just Want to Hang Out and Watch--Can I?: We expect that the tvot^ Hackathon will be a highly enjoyable and very social event, and that it will present great opportunities for schmoozing and networking. However, because space at 202 Green Street is limited, non-"hackers" will only be admitted if they are TVOT 2013 ticket holders or speakers. Sorry, no exceptions! If you have not yet purchased your TVOT 2013 tickets, you can do so HERE.

Can My Company Participate as a Hackathon Host or Participating API/SDK Sponsor?: Yes, though time is running out! For more information, please contact Tracy Swedlow, editor-in-chief of the [itvt] newsletter and producer of The TV of Tomorrow Show, at swedlow@itvt.com.



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