TVOT Hackathon to Feature $5,000 Grand Prize, Sponsored by Dolby Labs

--Other Prizes Include Cash, Tablets, Smartphones and Smart TV's


[itvt] is pleased to announce the prizes for the first-ever tvot^ Hackathon (June 22nd-23rd, at the offices of Ignite Video--the actual building where Philo Farnsworth invented electronic television):

  • $5,000 Grand Prize, sponsored by Dolby Labs
  • Two "VIP Box" Runner-Up Prizes, also sponsored by Dolby Labs. Each VIP Box contains a Kindle Fire HD with Dolby Sound, an Amazon Gift Card, and Gourmet Popcorn
  • Gracenote API Prize: $2,000
  • Samsung Developer API Prize: Four Galaxy S4's or $1,000
  • Nuance API Prize: HTC One Android Smartphone 32GB Silver USA LTE
  • DirecTV API Prize: 40-inch TV
  • PayPal API Prize: LG Smart TV
  • TMS API Prize: $500 American Express Coupon
  • LG Electronics: LG Smart TV
  • Sony: Xperia Tablet Z
  • zeebox:  $1000
  • [itvt]/TVOT: Sifteo Cubes, Vcubes, Tshirts and more.
  • Prizes from CableLabs, Leap Media, Pemberley Digital and Ignite Video to be announced soon!

More Information on the tvot^ Hackathon can be found here. To register for free, click here.

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