"Focus on Bravo" at The TV of Tomorrow Show 2013

(Pictured top Left to Right) Aimee Viles, Jamie Cutburth, Amy Troiano, Lisa Hsia, Rich Foster, David Serwatka

[itvt] is pleased to present an audio recording of the TVOT 2013 session, "Focus on Bravo: Blurring the Lines Between Screens." The session was described in the show brochure as follows:

"This session will take a look at how Bravo seeks to engage viewers through meaningful cross-platform content consumption. Whether it's through ambitious transmedia initiatives or its interactive Play Live experience, the network attempts to build innovative, addictive 360-degree experiences around its shows and talent. Bravo believes that production is no longer just about creating a TV show, but about creating a cohesive, immersive entertainment experience across multiple platforms, blurring the lines between screens and even changing the way the network creates and operates entirely.

The session will bring together Bravo's key executives from production, marketing, promotion and digital, as well as an outside vendor, to take a sneak peek behind the network's curtain of content creation. Panelists will delve into how Bravo conceives, builds, promotes, monetizes and works with outside partners to deliver an engaging content experience that today's savvy consumer has come to inherently crave. Additionally, the session will provide attendees with a sneak peek at one Bravo's newest transmedia initiatives."

Participating in the session were:

  • Jamie Cutburth, VP of Partnership Marketing, Bravo
  • Rich Foster, Chief Creative Officer, A Different Engine
  • Lisa Hsia, EVP of Digital Media, Bravo Media
  • Dave Serwatka, VP of Current and Cross-Platform Production, Bravo
  • Tracy Swedlow, Editor-in-Chief, [itvt] (Moderator - not shown)
  • Amy Troiano, VP of On-Air Promotion, Bravo
  • Aimee Viles, SVP of Emerging Media, Bravo
North America