"Sports, TV Everywhere, and the Interactive Viewer" at TVOT NYC 2013

[itvt] is pleased to announce "Sports, TV Everywhere, and the Interactive Viewer," one of the highlights of the afternoon schedule of TVOT NYC 2013 (December 11th at 450 W. 31st Street--10th, 12th and Penthouse Floors, NY, NY). More information on the session and its panelists is below.

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10th Floor
Sports, TV Everywhere, and the Interactive Viewer

Through the prism of sports content, a panel composed of representatives from broadcast, pay-TV, professional sports and the vendors that serve those constituencies will examine how TV Everywhere and other forms of digital video entertainment are evolving from simple streaming of video into new products and services offering both live and on-demand programming that is highly interactive. This programming is being delivered to viewers over a range of devices via apps and HTML5 browsers, in multiscreen video streams, social media feeds and a variety of other interactive and social formats--each of which offers sports programming distributors and rights holders its own unique challenges and opportunities for viewer engagement and monetization.

Questions to be addressed by the panel include: Which Internet-connected devices offer the most robust features for interactive viewing of content? What marketing tactics work best for activating viewers and keeping them on premium broadband sports video services? What are the key app features and design elements that viewers desire, and how exactly can these features  be used to drive longer engagement times and more effective monetization? How can the viewer experience of TV Everywhere and other broadband video sports services be improved via personalization and other new capabilities? How important are international markets to the providers of these services and how are those providers marketing their OTT products internationally? And how is the ability to deliver rich, interactive video services on digital platforms affecting providers' content strategies in general? Panelists include:

  • Pary Bell, VP and General Manager of Digital Media, Rogers Media
  • Scott Levine, SVP of Products, Univision
  • Chris Schlosser, VP of MLS Digital, Major League Soccer
  • Franz Vermeulen, SVP of Revenue and Strategy, FreeWheel
  • Chris Wagner, Executive Vice President, NeuLion (Moderator)
North America