New Edition of Brian Seth Hurst's StoryCentered Column Features Peter de Maegd, Story Architect and Producer of "The Spiral"

[itvt] is pleased to present the latest edition of StoryCentered, our video column from Brian Seth Hurst, CEO of The Opportunity Management Company and former second vice chair of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. StoryCentered focuses on the business, technology and art of interactive storytelling, and highlights new technologies and other industry developments that have the potential to fundamentally change the way we create and interact with stories and narratives--in television and beyond.

This edition of StoryCentered features an interview with Peter de Maegd, story architect and producer of "The Spiral" ( and, a new, interactive/participatory series from Caviar Films that will air across nine European countries next month. The five-part series, which centers on an art heist, invites viewers to play a game in which they help find the stolen art; it also encourages them to participate in online communities and real-world staged events.