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Tracy Swedlow is the co-founder and CEO of TMRW Corp., the parent company that owns InteractiveTV Today and the TV of Tomorrow Show conferences held annually in San Francisco (June) and New York City (December) as well as TVOT LIVE! livestreaming events with full production value. InteractiveTV Today publishes updates about TVOT shows as well as audio and video interviews via our regular podcast called "Televisionation" (, which features executives and creatives in the multiplatform TV industry.

Tracy's writing has appeared in many leading newspapers and trade publications over the years including the New York Times, the San Francisco Examiner, PC World, Multimedia World and VR World. Topics she has covered in the past include virtual reality, email communities, privacy and technology, online gravesite memorials, and, of course, multiplatform and interactive television. Her work has received awards from the Computer Press Association and the Western Regional Magazine Association.

Prior to founding ITVT she was chief evangelist at (bought by Yahoo! Groups); new media editor at PC World; a producer and director for Telemorphix, a pioneering interactive TV company, and a video producer at Steve Michelson Productions in San Francisco. Tracy also worked at Apple Computer on various projects over the years including TechNotes and eWorld, one of the earliest professionally-produced online communities.

A regular presenter at ITV industry conferences and panels, and a frequent guest on television and radio shows, I actively communicate my understanding of the history of interactive TV; its current trends, technologies, content innovations and applications; the complexities of executive leadership and industrial dynamics; and where I think the medium and the ITV industry will and must go in the future to audiences around the world. I have served as the founding chairperson and judge of the "Television" and the "Broadband" categories respectively for The Webby Awards since its inception and regularly produce editorial events and awards programs benefiting the ITV industry (e.g. The annual TV of Tomorrow Show).

Other activities over the years include serving as the founding chairperson and judge of the "Television" and the "Broadband" categories respectively for The Webby Awards, doing voiceovers on many feature films while at Sound One in New York City (e.g. "Hannah and Her Sisters" and "9 1/2 Weeks"); participation in the Director/Playwright Workshop at Playwright's Horizons in New York City with founder, Bob Moss; participation on various experimental technology multimedia theater showcases directed by the visionary George Coates in San Francisco; conceiving, producing, directing the first 3 fashion shows (as interactive theater) on the Black Rock Desert in the early years of the Burning Man project, and directing an episode of the Twilight Zone called "The Obsolete Man" at the Dark Room in San Francisco. In August 2005, she created and directed a politically-charged multimedia "blogtheater" (her word) piece that focused on post-election America called "Fuck That!: The Political Science Show."

In her non-spare time, Tracy produces and edits the occasional book such as "Desert to Dream" (a photography book about Burning Man - though she no longer goes to that event), and "Timmy and Tammy's Train of Thought" (a children's book), improves her art car (Marblus Sharpkr), trains as a traditional boxer, plays classical piano, and paints She is also mother to a wonderful little girl named Hannah and the wife of the great Richard Washbourne, co-owner of TMRW Corp.

Tracy's education includes a Ph.D fellowship in directing at the University of California, Berkeley; a Masters degree in Dramatic Criticism from Northwestern University; a certificate in French and French Literature from the Université de Cannes; a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater History from Tulane University; studies in Drama at the Royal Holloway College at the University of London; as well as a high school degree from Culver Military Academy in Indiana.


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