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2008 [itvt] Interactive TV Headlines

The following is a partial (and in no particular order and perhaps somewhat subjective) list of some of the top interactive TV headlines from the past year: Macrovision Buys Gemstar-TV Guide
Microsoft Acquires Interactive TV Advertising Company, Navic
Appeals Court Gives Green Light to Cablevision's RS-DVR Service
Project Canoe Officially Launched as Canoe Ventures
--David Verklin Appointed as New Venture's CEO
--Arthur Orduna Appointed as CTO
Ofcom Moves to...

Cablevision Forms Office of Strategic Product Development

Patrick Donoghue.jpg
Group to Focus on Long-Range Innovation
Includes Interactive TV Veteran, Patrick Donoghue
Cablevision has formed a new group, called the Office of Strategic Product Development, which it says will focus on long-range new products for and enhancements to its current suite of video, voice and high-speed Internet services. The new group, which will coordinate with Cablevision's existing Corporate Engineering and Technology department, will be co-managed by Wilt Hildenbrand and Kristin Dolan. Hildenbrand, who has worked at Cablevision for over 30 years, currently serves as the MSO's senior...

Invidi Forms Advisory Board for Advanced Advertising

Signs Addressable Advertising Deal with DISH Network
Advanced advertising technology specialist, Invidi Technologies, has created an advisory board to provide strategic expertise and guidance on advanced advertising initiatives. According to the company, the advisory board is tasked with ensuring that all participants in the advanced advertising ecosystem--multichannel video program distributors, TV broadcasters, program networks, advertisers, media buyers and media sellers--benefit from digital technology efficiencies and "share in the value chain." Invidi says that the advisory board's four members were chosen in recognition...

BBC Sets Up New Department to Oversee Phone-Based Interactive TV

The BBC--which earlier this year was fined £400,000 by UK communications regulator, Ofcom, for breaches of the UK's Broadcasting Code pertaining to its phone-based participation TV programming (see [itvt] Issue 7.95 Part 1)--has set up a new technical department to oversee all its phone-based interactive TV offerings. The Corporation says that the new department--dubbed the Interactive Technical Advice and Contracts Unit (ITACU)--is part of a comprehensive plan to address the problems that resulted in the...

Vizimo Acquires TIOTI

Launches Programming-Guidance App for iPhone, ipod touch
Vizimo, a UK-based developer of "next-generation" guidance technologies, has acquired the broadband video/TV social networking site, TIOTI (an acronym for "Tape It Off The Internet"). The company says it plans to use TIOTI as a "show window" in which to test and showcase new functionality and tools that tie together TV, the Web and mobile devices. Vizimo, which recently emerged from stealth mode, claims to have developed intelligent, interactive guidance technology that enables viewers to...

Rainbow Media Sells its Sportskool and Lifeskool VOD Services

Cablevision's content subsidiary, Rainbow Media, has sold its original-content VOD services, Sportskool and Lifeskool: Sportskool, which offers instruction and coaching videos for a range of sports and other athletic activities, has been acquired by Washington, DC-based production, distribution and management company, Grace Creek Media. The latter has a strategic relationship in place with USA Today, and says that USA Today Live, the newspaper's production arm, will work with it to produce new Sportskool videos. According...

Eyespot Goes Out of Business

Eyespot, which provided a broadband video service that offered a suite of online editing tools (for more on the company's offering, see [itvt] Issue 7.1), has gone out of business: "We deeply regret to inform you that Eyespot Corporation will no longer be able to continue serving you," an email from the company's president and CEO, Jim Kaskade, stated. "For our users at, we're no longer allowing you to upload new videos. You can...

Study Tracks Impact of Online Video, Social Media on Political Engagement

Cisco Systems recently released the results of a "Visual Networking Index" study which it commissioned from Complete and which was designed to assess the influence of broadband video and other social media applications on Americans' political engagement. The study, which purports to show that "visual networking" is playing an increasingly important role as a source of news and information on US presidential campaigns, is the first installment of a service called "Cisco Visual Networking Index... Trumpets Success of Online High Holiday Service recently contacted [itvt] to let us know that over 120,000 people across the globe accessed the High Holiday (Kol Nidre) service that it streamed online in October. This is the second year in a row that the broadband TV service has broadcast a Kol Nidre service, and viewership apparently quadrupled from last year, giving the service its highest simultaneous online viewership. The service was led by celebrity rabbi, Naomi Levy, who has appeared on...