The iTV Doctor Is In! Dis-Integration and Reincarnation

Dear Readers : It's been a wild and wooly few weeks since we last talked, and the OTT provider segment is getting crowded. It seems that every television network family has either announced their plans, or is waiting for the right time, along with every service provider. And I expect the content producers and studios won't be far behind.

Radio [itvt]: Rentrak Corporate President, Cathy Hetzel, on the Company's Acquisition of Kantar Media

Earlier this month, measurement company Rentrak announced a deal with WPP that will see it purchasing Kantar Media's U.S. TV measurement business for $98 million in stock. Rentrak also announced that WPP-owned media-buying company, GroupM, will use its national and local TV data, and that WPP will purchase $56 million of Rentrak stock.

In this recorded interview with [itvt] editor-in-chief, Tracy Swedlow , Rentrak corporate president, Cathy Hetzel , explains the...

The iTV Doctor Is In! The Shade Tree Mechanic Goes Over the Top

Dear Readers : My father was a brilliant chemical and mechanical engineer. When he bought a new 1964 Pontiac GTO, he was so curious about the engine that he took it apart and laid the pieces out on the garage floor. And when he put it back together, he didn't have any parts left over (a skill I never mastered...). But one thing Dad always talked about was the primary operating philosophy of the Shade Tree Mechanic: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." And for all of his life, and for most of mine, that philosophy has worked. Until now.

"Still Not Dead? Debating the Future of Pay-TV" at The TV of Tomorrow Show 2014

[itvt] is pleased to present a video recording of the TVOT 2014 session, "Still Not Dead? Debating the Future of Pay-TV" The session was described in the show brochure as follows: "Moderated by Alan Wolk, Global Lead Analyst at Piksel, and taking off from the ideas expounded in his widely disseminated--and controversial--slide deck, 'Still Not Dead: 7 Myths about the Current State of the TV Industry Debunked,' this session will feature two teams of prominent...

TVOT Update: "Understanding Programmatic TV Ad Buying" and "Grand Finale" at The TV of Tomorrow Show 2014

[itvt] is pleased to announce that we have updated the TV of Tomorrow Show 2014 Schedule of Sessions with more details about the panel sessions, "Understanding Programmatic TV Ad Buying" and "TVOT 2014 Grand Finale." We have also included this information below. We will be announcing details of additional TVOT 2014 keynotes and panels throughout this week. TO REGISTER 10:25-11:20AM, June 11th
Screening Room
Understanding Programmatic TV Ad...

The iTV Doctor Is In! Solving the Social TV Space/Time Continuum

Dear Readers : Television is changing, and it will never be the same again (how many times have we heard THAT?). But this time it might be real. By the end of the year we expect to see two or three major distributors offering some form of virtual MSO subscription service: Dish Network, with their ABC/Disney/ESPN package; Verizon, powered by Intel's OnCue platform; and one other--possibly Comcast. Consumers will watch programming on basically anything with a flat glass screen, and they'll use cable, satellite, telco, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and many more. The mind boggles.

[itvt] Column: Will On Wednesdays - Is Data Visualization the “Front-End” for Big Data?

With great graphics comes great storytelling responsibility – says founder of VISUALIZED By Will Kreth Data visualization – once the province of magazine and newspaper infographics designers – is big business now. A big, interactive business . From University Ave. to Madison Ave. to Wall St. – data visualization (or data viz - for short) is changing the way we perceive and evaluate data sets that are well beyond “blink”-like comprehension. From election result predictions...

Will On Wednesdays: Majority Report - SeeSpace and User Interface Pioneer Dale Herigstad bring Augmented Television to the Masses

By Will Kreth @wkreth Ownership. It’s the root of the quest to make TV content more interactive – and it never seems completely within reach. Ownership has been the missing cotter pin –keeping the wheels of great ITV ideas off the TV screen. Who owns the content and what interactive rights are on the table, or not – has c-blocked US ITV innovation for the past 20+ years. Indeed, it’s no exaggeration to say that...

Radio [itvt]: Co-Founder, Dale Herigstad, on SeeSpace's New "Augmented Television" Device, InAiR

More News Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Tracy Swedlow on BlogTalkRadio At CES earlier this month, SeeSpace , a start-up co-founded by multiple-Emmy-winning interactive media designer, Dale Herigstad , unveiled an ACR-enabled "augmented television" device dubbed InAiR , that analyzes the programming the viewer is watching, and overlays related content. The content is presented via an innovative and graphically rich user interface (as one would expect from Herigstad, who, among other things, was part...

The iTV Doctor Is In! Heather Locklear's Social Media Prescience

Dear Readers : As we enter 2014, the folks who are looking to increase viewership of their video content are finding the task is rapidly increasing in complexity and cost. The studios and networks are stretching their budgets to create television programming that attracts and keeps the audience anytime, anywhere. And some of them are starting to realize that keeping the viewers CONNECTED to the content when they are AWAY from the television screen can go a long way towards bringing them back to the show.