Sorry Samsung, LG, et. al. – hotels won’t buy your 4K & Smart TVs – unless you change the game

When mentioning a hotel stay to our friends (or on TripAdvisor), we often talk about how they made us feel . The attention to detail, the quality of the sheets on the bed, the way they anticipated our needs and seem to know our name whenever we call room service at 3 am. One thing we don’t often talk about is the quality of the TV in our rooms. As the titans of the CE industry that make and sell the next generation of connected/smart TV and 4K (Ultra HD) displays will eventually find out, this lack of conversation isn’t going to change for the foreseeable future. (But it should/ could – more on that later).

Announcing Speakers and Panelists for TVOT NYC 2013

  • Breaking: Event to Feature Keynote from David Lyle, CEO of National Geographic Channels
[itvt] is pleased to present a partial list of speakers and panelists for our fourth annual East Coast TV of Tomorrow Show event, TVOT NYC 2013 (December 11th in New York City-- click here to register ! ).
The event will include a keynote from David Lyle, CEO o f National Geographic Channels , as well as a plethora of firesides, panels and newsmaker sessions featuring over 100 of the most important and...


Fall-discount registration for [itvt]'s fourth annual East Coast TV of Tomorrow Show event, TVOT NYC 2013 (December 11th, 2013, in New York City), ends at midnight tonight , Thursday, October 31st (Halloween) . Fall-discount registration allows you to attend TVOT NYC 2013 for just $875 , representing a savings of $200 off the regular price of a ticket (and guaranteeing you a seat at this limited-attendance event). To take advantage of this discounted pricing, click...

Will on Wednesdays: Get Off Your Ads and Mobilize! - Part 3: The Seismic Shifts that Will Need to Take Place to Make TV-to-Mobile Ad/Marketing Experiences Commonplace

By Will Kreth
In our first two articles , we looked at the leaders in the race to connect TV ad impressions to mobile marketing experiences (Apple, Google, Samsung and Amazon). In our third and final installment, we've talked to industry experts on how they see this movie playing out.

The challenges facing all the players in the TV-ad-to-Mobile marketing ecosystem are nothing if not daunting. Various pieces of solutions exist in discrete silos--waiting...

Will on Wednesdays: Get Off Your Ads and Mobilize! - Part 2: Multi-Screen Orchestration Tunes Up

Moving from an Era of " What's in Your Wallet? " to " Who's Your Mobile Wallet? "
In our last installment , we looked at how Apple, with its vertically integrated products, identity architecture and cloud stack, may very well be the first company to bridge the TV advertising to mobile retail experience divide. From Apple TV to Passbook, we anticipate the company will opportunistically optimize their iAds platform -- using the awareness-generating power of TV ad impressions to both mobilize and shift branded experiences to the iPhone in as few clicks as possible.

The iTV Doctor Is In! The Shape of Things to Come, Part 2

Dear Readers : Dontcha just love Fall? Football's cranking up, baseball is into the post-season, and the traditional new TV season has just begun. And with the new season comes innovation in the interactive television arena.

Will on Wednesdays: Get Off Your [TV] Ads and Mobilize! - Part 1

([itvt] is pleased to present another installment of our new weekly column from well-known interactive TV industry figure, Will Kreth.) @wkreth

Apple will show the world's connected TV players how to participate in the Mobile Advertising/Marketing Ecosystem--and most will certainly follow.

Remember 2007? In the blur of our age, it's not a trivial question, right? Here's a hint: It was the year Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone...

Will on Wednesdays: AdWeek 2013

([itvt] is pleased to present the first installment of a new column from well-known interactive TV industry figure, Will Kreth .) @wkreth

The mood of the 10th annual Advertising Week in New York was charged with a sense of paranoid optimism about the future of advertising and marketing. For four days (Sept. 23-26, 2013) 90,000+ folks associated with the ad industry descended on the global pinnacle of advertising excess-Times Square--to absorb...

The iTV Doctor Is In! The Second Coming of Television Interaction

Dear Readers : Today we have a treat--a guest commentary from Thomas Engdahl, CEO of Magic Ruby: Does History Repeat Itself?: The Second Coming of Television Interaction.

[itvt] Presents...TVOT NYC 2013

  • East Coast "TV of Tomorrow Show" Event Will Feature a Spectacular New Location, over 100 Expert Speakers and Panelists, Hands-On Workshops and Demo's, Unparalleled Networking/Business-Development Opportunities, [itvt]'s Popular Holiday Party, and Much More
  • Tickets on Sale Now : Special Early-Bird and Group Rates Available
[itvt] is pleased to announce that TVOT NYC 2013, our fourth annual East Coast TV of Tomorrow Show (TVOT) event, will take place Wednesday, December 11th at 450 W. 31st Street , a beautiful new location that will serve as an inspiring backdrop for the show's trademark creativity, while accommodating its ongoing growth. TVOT NYC 2013 will pack all the excitement of our flagship TV of Tomorrow Show (spring 2014, San Francisco)--now in its eighth...