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Ben Bennett, CEO of OpenTV

Ben Bennett was named CEO of OpenTV in March, after serving as the company's COO and acting CEO since August, 2007 (he has been at OpenTV since March, 2000). He recently spoke to [itvt]'s Tracy Swedlow about the three-phase strategy he is implementing, which, among other things, has seen OpenTV jettisoning a number of peripheral businesses in order to focus on its core middleware and advanced advertising offerings; about the company's ongoing efforts to penetrate...

Interview: Yahoo!'s Patrick Barry Discusses the New Yahoo!-Intel Widget Channel

At the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco last week, Yahoo! and Intel announced plans to launch the Widget Channel, an application framework which they say will allow operators, content providers, advertisers and others to develop Internet-based mini-applications, dubbed "TV Widgets," for broadband-connected TV's and other consumer electronics devices, using Web standards and tools such as JavaScript, XML, HTML and Adobe Flash. The companies--which say that the TV Widgets will, among other things, enable consumers...

[itvt] Radio: Interactive Olympics Coverage

In this recorded episode of [itvt]'s talk radio show, "The TV of
Tomorrow Show with Tracy Swedlow," Dalen Harrison , CEO of
Ensequence ; Peter Low , president and COO of Ensequence; Bill
Niemeyer , chief of analysis and research at BlackArrow ; Gowri
Shankar , SVP of sales and business development at

Comcast News:

--Taps Yahoo! Executive, Karin Gilford, to Head Up Fancast

--Signs FEARnet Distribution Deal with Time Warner Cable

--Will Carry Big Ten Programming on VOD, Fancast,, Linear TV

Comcast's Comcast Interactive Media (CIM) arm, the division of the
company that develops and operates its cross-platform media offerings, has
hired Karin Gilford as SVP of Fancast and online entertainment
(note: Fancast, which was launched at CES in January, is a Web portal
that features video content from over 100 content providers, including
4,000 full-length episodes and movies; it allows users to view
programming, search for video content--whether on Fancast itself, on

Radio Interview: Alex Magoun, Director of the David Sarnoff Library

Alex Magoun
In this recorded episode of [itvt]'s talk radio show, "The TV of Tomorrow Show with Tracy Swedlow," Alex Magoun , director of the David Sarnoff Library , discusses David Sarnoff's legacy; outlines parallels between the early development of television and the development of interactive TV today; describes the David Sarnoff Library's work; discusses Sarnoff's and Philo Farnsworth's respective roles in the invention of television; and more. To listen to the show, click here Next Live...

Ocean Blue Unveils New "Triton" MHEG Application Development Tool

--Demo's What it Claims is World's First Common Interface Plus App Bristol, UK-based digital TV software provider, Ocean Blue, has
released what it describes as "early details" about a new design tool it is
developing, which it claims will enable fast, visual development of
MHEG applications for broadcast to set-top boxes and integrated
digital television sets. Dubbed Triton, the new, Windows-based
software tool is scheduled to be released by the fall. According to the
company, once an application has been designed with the tool, its
visual components are translated into MHEG-5 application code, ready
for loading into a DSM-CC carousel and broadcast (note: among other
things, the MHEG-5 standard drives interactivity on the UK's

DirecTV Launches French Open Tennis, GameSearch Applications

Satellite TV provider, DirecTV, recently offered an interactive TV
application to accompany its coverage of the French Open tennis
tournament. Dubbed French Open Interactive and available from May
25th through June 1st, the application was developed by DirecTV in
partnership with the Tennis Channel and ESPN2. It offered complete
coverage of play on five courts during the tournament's first six days,
and eight hours of coverage on Saturday, May 31st and Sunday, June
1st: according to DirecTV, the service offered a total of 350 hours of
tournament coverage. At the core of the service was a "mix" channel
that allowed viewers to watch up to six live matches simultaneously,

Navic's HyperCast Network Now Supports ETV/EBIF

Interactive TV and addressable advertising technology provider, Navic
Networks, says that its HyperCast Network, a backoffice solution for
delivering and managing interactive TV advertising content across
platforms and operators, is now compatible with the US cable
industry's ETV/EBIF standard (which is designed to enable interactive
TV applications--primarily bound apps--run on low-resource legacy
set-top boxes, and thereby to have a national footprint). According to
the company, in addition to now supporting EBIF user agents and
delivery systems, HyperCast is compatible with other backoffice
systems, using SCTE-130 standard interfaces. "HyperCast was

Panasonic Makes Strong Show of Support for tru2way at Cable Show

--Report Alleges Company's tru2way TV Sets Failed CableLabs Testing

--Claims Testing Brought to Light "Dozens and Dozens" of Bugs

Consumer electronics giant, Panasonic, made a strong show of support
for the US cable industry's tru2way standard at the NCTA Cable Show
in New Orleans last month. tru2way-based Panasonic products on
display at the show included: The PCH2180 HD DVR, a multi-tuner...

Zappware Revamps Telegeneve's EPG, Develops i-Ads for Renault

Belgian interactive TV technology provider, Zappware, contacted [itvt]
last month to let us know that it has developed a custom EPG for
Geneva-based cable operator Telegeneve's digital TV service, naxoo.
Zappware says it built the custom EPG using its proprietary iView
platform, which it bills as a platform-independent production
environment for the development and modification of ITV services.
According to the company, the...