IMPALA Hails Success of UK's MHEG-Based Free-to-Air Satellite TV Platform, Freesat

--Platform Provides Access to BBC iPlayer via MHEG Interaction Channel
--Sagemcom Says its Freesat STB's Now Support iPlayer Access
The International MHEG Promotion Alliance (IMPALA) , an organization that was set up in 2006 by Strategy & Technology, Cabot Communications and EchoStar Europe to promote use of the MHEG middleware standard beyond the UK, has issued a public statement hailing the success of the UK's free-to-air satellite TV platform, Freesat , which has just announced that it has passed the one million customer mark.

Freesat, a joint venture between the BBC...

Ocean Blue Software Plans to Launch Interactive TV System Targeted at the Elderly

Bristol, UK-based digital TV software provider, Ocean Blue Software , is developing an interactive TV system that would complement the UK's free-to-air digital terrestrial platform, Freeview, with a range of services targeted at senior citizens. Dubbed Nexus TV and slated to begin trials early next year, the system is backed by a "growing consortium" of partners, the company claims. According to the company, the system will offer an audio EPG and menus (for the visually...

Free-to-Air Broadcasters No Longer Have to Pay MHP Royalties

In a letter sent last Thursday to the DVB Project, Jean-Michel Bourdon,
president of Via Licensing, the company that administers the patent
pool for the international MHP interactive TV standard (note: it also
administers the patent pools for the OCAP/tru2way and TV-Anytime
standards), stated that the members of the MHP patent pool have
decided to remove the controversial requirement that free-to-air
broadcasters pay MHP license fees. Last year, when Via Licensing
unveiled the terms of the worldwide joint license agreement for patents
deemed essential to the DVB-MHP 1.0 standard, it stated that
free-to-air broadcasters generating no revenue from MHP-based
services could purchase a five-year license either for $3000 per year or