Mobile Interactive Group (MIG) News:

--Secures Deal to Enable Mobile Interactivity on Five's Flagship Shows
--Forms Experience Design Agency, "New Toy"
--Launches Refund Manager for Participation TV
--Extends Mobile Interactive Services Contract with FremantleMedia Mobile Interactive Group (MIG), a UK company which, as its name suggests, offers a range of mobile-based interactive services, has generated a fair amount of news over the past few weeks:

Vizimo Launches Programming-Discovery Service for Mobiles

A UK-based company called Vizimo has launched a service that it says
enables consumers to discover broadcast and on-demand programming
that is relevant to their individual tastes, manage their programming
choices, and discuss programming with other users. The service is
available in the UK on around 200 mobile phone models, the company
says, and will be extended to other countries and handsets later this
year. According to Vizimo, its service uses automated content analysis,
profiling and social networking to guide users to relevant TV
programming, and also provides tools for scheduling recordings and
reminders, and for chatting about content. It says the tools work in a

Cellcast's Gets a Less Prominent Sky EPG Slot

--Deal Nets Company £1.4 Million

--Company in Deal with Gaming Ventures

UK-based interactive and participation TV specialist, Cellcast, says that
it has agreed to an exchange of its two channels on the Sky satellite
platform (one of which it says is "surplus to its requirements," the other
of which serves as an outlet for user-generated programming from its
UGC/video-sharing service, in exchange for a new channel
(in a less favorable EPG slot) and a cash consideration of £1.4 million;
the net book value of the two channels was £304,936. The company
says it will use the cash for general working capital, and to repay

[itvt] Radio: Morgan Guenther on AirPlay's "Jeopardy!" Play-Along Gaming Deal

In this recorded episode of [itvt]'s talk radio show, "The TV of Tomorrow Show with Tracy Swedlow," AirPlay chairman and CEO, Morgan Guenther , talks about his company's new deal with Sony Pictures Television to provide multiplayer play-along mobile gaming for the popular game show, "Jeopardy!"; about some of the other new projects the company will be undertaking this year; about its business model and its plans to scale its business; about his experiences at TiVo (where he served as president from 2001-2003); and more.