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Murata Develops Bendable Remote Control

-- 'Leaf Grip Remote Controller' Relies on Plate Containing Piezoelectric Film
Japanese electronics manufacturer Murata has developed a bendable remote control that can change TV channels, adjust the volume and perform other functions by twisting, bending or shaking the device. Murata's Leaf Grip Remote controller offers a new twist on the way viewers can navigate TV and online video programming. It joins new navigation devices such as the Scoop Pointer from Hillcrest Labs and motion-sensing remote controls from LG , SMK Electronics and other CE companies...

Hillcrest Labs to Sell its Loop Remote Control Directly to Consumers as an "In-Air Mouse for TV"

--Company, whose Customers Include ZillionTV, UEI, Says its Primary Focus Will Continue to Be B2B
Rockville, Maryland-based Hillcrest Labs (note: last year, the company announced that it had secured $25 million in a fourth round of funding--see [itvt] Issue 7.58 Part 1; it has raised a total of approximately $50 million to date) announced Monday that it is now selling its Loop remote control (or "pointer," as Hillcrest prefers to call it) directly to consumers as an "in-air mouse for TV," targeting what the company says is the growing number...

Consortium Developing Standard for Radio Frequency-Based Remotes

Consumer electronics giants, Philips, Samsung, Sony and Panasonic,
announced last week that they are collaborating on the development of
a standardized specification for radio frequency-based remote controls
for audio-visual consumer electronics devices. Together with Freescale
Semiconductors, OKI and Texas Instruments, the companies have
formed an RF4CE (stands for "Radio Frequency for Consumer
Electronics") Consortium that will attempt to create a new protocol to enable the development of radio frequency remote controls that offer
richer communication, increased reliability and more flexible use.

[itvt] Radio: Review of the 2008 NCTA Cable Show

In this recorded episode of [itvt]'s talk radio show, "The TV of
Tomorrow Show with Tracy Swedlow," a panel of interactive TV
experts-- Steve Borelli , VP of marketing and business development at
Integra5 ; industry analyst, Leslie Ellis (author of the popular
Multichannel News column, " Translation Please "); Will Kreth , director of product management for interactive TV at Time Warner Cable ; Alex