Mark Cuban's Dallas Mavericks Tap BIAP to Create EBIF-Based Interactive TV "Team Widget"

--Cuban: "We Believe in the Future of the EBIF Platform and in Interactive Television"
Plano, Texas-based interactive TV software provider, BIAP (note: last year, the company--whose name is an acronym for Broadband Interactive Applications--secured a five-year license agreement for its ETV User Agent with Time Warner Cable--see [itvt] Issue 8.23 Part 2B ), announced Monday that it has signed an agreement to develop what it describes as "the first ever professional sports 'Team Widget'" for the NBA's Mark Cuban-owned Dallas Mavericks . According to the company, the new TV...

New Show from Versus to Feature Sports Fans Commentating via Webcam

--Viewers Invited to Upload Audition Videos for Chance to Appear On-Air
Sports programmer, Versus , announced Monday that it will be launching a weekly half-hour show that will feature a constantly changing line-up of sports fans from across the US debating "the hottest topics in sports" via Webcam. Entitled " Fanarchy ," hosted by Zach Selwyn, and set to debut Sunday, June 7th at 11:00PM Eastern (note: beginning June 16th, it will switch to a 10:30PM Tuesday slot), the show will present seven "very opinionated" sports...

DirecTV Launches Sports-Themed Interactive TV Application, ScoreGuide

--Round-Up of Recent Interactive TV Sports News from DirecTV
Satellite-TV provider, DirecTV, launched an interactive TV application called ScoreGuide, Monday, that extends its program guide with information targeted at sports fans. Viewers are alerted to the new application--which is being offered at no additional charge--by a small on-screen icon that is being displayed on all of DirecTV's approximately 200 sports channels (which include regional sports networks, subscription channels, and national cable channels devoted to sports). The app allows viewers with interactive TV-enabled DirecTV receivers...

Brightcove Sees Surge in Broadband Video on Newspaper Web Sites

--Round-Up of Recent News from Brightcove
In a posting on its corporate blog last week, broadband video publishing solutions provider, Brightcove--which claims to power broadband video for over 30 major newspaper publishers across North America, Europe and Asia (note: its US customers include Cox Newspapers, Freedom Communications, Hearst Communications, Media News Group, the New York Times Company and New York Times Regional Newspapers, Tribune Total Media and the Washington Post)--provided some figures on how its newspaper customers are deploying broadband video...

Turner Sports Using YouTube, Facebook, Twitter to Promote NBA Playoffs Coverage

Turner Sports announced Wednesday that it is using social media platforms, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, to promote corporate stablemate TNT's "40 Games in 40 Nights" coverage of the 2009 NBA playoffs. The company says that TNT will have a major presence on YouTube with a "homepage takeover" on April 20th that will feature player-specific videos, in order to drive tune-ins for that night's match-ups, as well as TNT-messaged overlays on sports-related featured videos. In addition,...

Rainbow Media Sells its Sportskool and Lifeskool VOD Services

Cablevision's content subsidiary, Rainbow Media, has sold its original-content VOD services, Sportskool and Lifeskool: Sportskool, which offers instruction and coaching videos for a range of sports and other athletic activities, has been acquired by Washington, DC-based production, distribution and management company, Grace Creek Media. The latter has a strategic relationship in place with USA Today, and says that USA Today Live, the newspaper's production arm, will work with it to produce new Sportskool videos. According...

Gotuit Integrates Technologies with thePlatform, DoubleClick, Pixsy

Powers Sports Illustrated's 2008 Heisman Watch Video Portal
Gotuit Media--a company that offers metadata technologies which, among other things, allow end-users to instantly access the parts of a piece of video that interest them, and which can also be used by video publishers to allow end-users to make mash-ups out of their content (note: earlier this year, the company filed a lawsuit against Microsoft, claiming that the latter's Silverlight technology infringes on its patents)--has announced a number of new deals over the past...

ESPN Updates Player

Sports programmer, ESPN, has launched an updated version of the player that forms the core of its subscription-based broadband video service, (note: according to ESPN, in September's total hours spent viewing and unique viewers were up nearly 400% over the year-ago period). "'s first full year as a live broadband TV network has been an amazing success," VP, Damon Phillips, said in a prepared statement. "We streamed more than 3,000 live sports...

Verizon FiOS TV Launches ESPN Fantasy Football Interactive TV Widget

--Rolls Out its Interactive Media Guide in Multiple New Markets
--Expands its Line-Up of VOD Programming Verizon has provided more information on the new FiOS TV ESPN Fantasy Football interactive TV widget that [itvt] first covered in Issue 8.06 Part 3B. The new widget allows viewers to access real-time scores and statistics from their fantasy teams through five main features: 1) My Match-Up, which tracks total fantasy points for a viewer's weekly match-up,...

Jacked Trumpets Usage Numbers for its Big Ten Network ITV Service

--Secures New Deals with the NBA, New York Giants